Hi, I’m Ania


Hi, I’m Ania

I’ve lived in Sydney for 8 years

I speak English, Spanish, polish and some Italian

I am a Professional Guide, Divemaster & an Expedition Guide


Hello! I'm Ania, your adventurous and enthusiastic guide to the wonders of Sydney. This city's beauty captivates me every day, with its stunning waterscapes and vibrant, multicultural food scene. From the bustling CBD to the laid-back vibes of Surry Hills and the scenic trails of Royal National Park, I know these places like the back of my hand. I'm your go-to for the city’s best hikes, panoramic views, and secret spots that only locals know. I have a keen eye for the unique and the unexplored - be it trendy new eateries, quaint local bars, or the best coffee spots in town. My love for thrift shopping and the indie scene means I can show you a side of Sydney that's off the conventional tourist path. Join me for a journey through Sydney’s diverse neighborhoods, and let’s discover its hidden gems together!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts expertise Nature / outdoors Hosts expertise History Hosts expertise Culture & customs
Local cuisine Fine dining Unique & unusual foods Scenic routes Wildlife Hikes Political history Economic history Social history Street photography Classical architecture Third wave coffee Local beers Department stores Vintage shops Street markets Handicrafts & souvenirs Traditional culture Lifestyle culture Alternative or underground culture Gourmet food Painting Traditional art Art history Thrift stores Second-hand markets Specialty shops Bookstores Rock music Electronic music Indie music Diving, Snorkelling, Ocean, national parks Colonial, Geographic

Experiences I love to host