Hi, I’m Alessandro


Hi, I’m Alessandro

I’ve lived in Naples for 25 years

I speak English, Italian and some French

I am a Receptionist

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Hello, I’m a Neapolitan guy, and I have lived in Naples my entire life. I really love my city I'm 25 but I'm still exploring the city to find new places to visit and new things to do. Napoli, it's really the most beautiful city in the world, we have everything here including the best food in the world ( i love to suggest the best pizzeria and restaurants in the city from the cheapest to the most expensive ones), as a pastry chef we'll make a delicious tour of all sweetness of the city too, a beautiful sea where you can explore all the Napoli's bay with kayak or boats or just take a good swim, or you can just explore the city and go to visit the Royal Palace or for the brave ones you can do a tour of Napoli Underground (the ancient city of Naples that is situated under the city) or just to get lost in our little streets and find the most beautiful churches in the world( as Santa Chiara, Duomo di San Gennaro and others, in Naples there are almost 1000 churches). My favorite thing about Napoli is our people, we are really welcoming and all of us want that whoever comes here to stay good and enjoy the city as best they can. In the city there are activities for any taste, you have just to come here and you'll never want to go back home. I'm really a walker so if you want to be hosted by me we will for sure eat a lot and burn calories too! Available for any suggestions to create a personalized tour of my wonderful city.

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