Hi, I’m David-Adrian


Hi, I’m David-Adrian

I’ve lived in Brussels for 41 years

I speak English, French, Spanish, Italian

I am a Musician - Producer- Teacher - Food cart owner

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I was born in Madrid (Spain) and moved to Brussels when I was three years old. My father (London-raised British-Italian) and my mother (born in Mexico and raised in Madrid) met in art class. After their studies, they decided to move to Brussels. My dad graduated in Archaeology and became a civil servant for the EU for 36 years, as an interpreter, translator, and diplomat. My mom was very loving and took care of my sister and me until we finished our studies. Both my mom and dad spoke to us in Spanish and English at home. I attended a French-speaking catholic school and university. I have always been very curious about everything, especially music, and food. My grandmother was Prima Donna at the opera of Rome and sang all day long (I still have nightmares about her) and my dad used to play Don McLean and the Beatles to us on the guitar when I was a kid. So I am very passionate about singing and playing music. I have a few musical projects and ventures going on. Apart from that, I hold a master's degree in Business Engineering from UCL's business school (LSM - Louvain School of management). My fate pushed me towards the corporate world at first, for about 12 years. I started my career working in the IT sector as a customer support analyst, then in the export business for an industrial giant (which I am ashamed to mention), and then as a sales manager for a Language School. After that last assignment, I decided to change my focus on the jobs I chose. I wanted to make people's lives more fun. I thus started my production business while working in a gastronomic bar in a fancy area of Brussels as a barman/cook/waiter. Then I worked for six (very enjoyable and satisfying) years as a train attendant for Thalys (the high-speed train connecting Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Cologne). I found a real passion for serving, helping, informing, and entertaining people. Their leisure was my pleasure. It was great fun! The human dimension was the key. So, today I'm trying to make people's lives more fun as a living. I run a Mexican food cart business in the evenings and weekends and play a few gigs a month with my bands while taking care of my 3-year-old son while mommy is at work. So I have a few hours a day to spend on a side hustle that would stimulate my social and language skills. I love my city and love to share its wonders with anyone I meet!

My knowledge & interests

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