Hi, I’m Nicola


Hi, I’m Nicola

I’ve lived in Madrid for 3 years

I speak English, Spanish, Italian

I am a Photographer and Teacher


I like a lot to walk the city. Specially in public and historic parks where I can get in touch with nature, hear people voices, look birds, feel the wind and the sun and take a peak of the past which I'm informed about. This historical approach leads me to museum and galleries. But not only the classical ouvres, but also modern and contemporary spaces. Public and private ones. Which I often visit. Specially related to photography which is my specialty. I have show 2 exhibitions in Lima, Perù, one self published work and now I'm working two projects in Madrid. All this walk makes me hungry and thirsty. I rather prefer quiet bars and restaurants. Which is a little uncommon in Madrid. That's why I have my personal and prefered spots near Puerta de Toledo. Before 21:00 most places are not so crowded. Is a nice hour to get in one, have a seat and stay there chatting. I also like shopping. When its possible. And like sales. Near Madrid Rio there is a shopping mall and I also like to go to some independent design stores in Malasaña. I'm into tattoo. I have two favourite tatto places. And one of them is my personal tattoo guy who is becoming a friend. Finally, I'm also into sports. Specially football and motorsports. I use to do jogging, swimming and when it is outside Madrid I like to go surfing.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Master in photography projects / Cultural studies master / Journalism

Experiences I love to host