Hi, I’m Wendy


Hi, I’m Wendy

I’ve lived in Taipei for 13 years

I speak English and some Mandarin

I am a Content Writer


Hello! I'm Wendy, a humorous and open-minded local host in Taipei. This city's magic lies in its endless new experiences and the chance to meet fascinating people. My passions? Soaring through the air in aerial classes and challenging myself in bouldering gyms. These aren't just hobbies; they're my way of connecting with Taipei's vibrant communities. I've got a special connection with the Zhongshan district and Ximending, where the pulse of Taipei truly beats. As a photography enthusiast, capturing the city's dynamic spirit is my forte. And let's talk food – from hidden street eats to gourmet treasures, I'm your guide to Taipei's best flavors. Join me for a journey filled with fun, food, and aerial adventures in Taipei. Let's create memories that last a lifetime in this endlessly surprising city!

My knowledge & interests

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