Hi, I’m Donato “Donnie”

Donato “Donnie”

Hi, I’m Donato “Donnie”

I’ve lived in Barcelona for 13 years

I speak English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

I am a Manager & Chef

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Everybody calls me a "chatterbox," which comes from being involved in the catering and hospitality industry. Years working as a chef has taught me where all the best local markets are and showed me a whole other world of gastronomic delights. I ride a fix gear bike, which is my companion when I'm busy during the day and when I go on adventures that lead me away from the crowds and city centre. Barcelona is a melting pot of colours, smells and flavours- a true multi-ethnic kaleidoscope. Every neighbourhood is like a little village waiting to be discovered.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation NVQ Catering & Food Preparation
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Experiences I love to host