Hi, I’m Metehan


Hi, I’m Metehan

I’ve lived in Amsterdam for 5 years

I speak English and some German

I am a Co-Founder of a Cooking'/Food Company


Hello, I'm Metehan, and from Istanbul. I made Amsterdam my home for 7 years. My favorite activity is using my sense a.k.a. tasting. I'm in love with coffee, beer, and street food in Amsterdam. I love to find hidden gems in food and explore all their dishes. My current favorites are ocha- a little place run by thai grandmothers, mi gudu a Chinese-Indonesian food place in the post, and a .kong for Surinamese food. It makes me happy to see that this city has so many different foods to offer but you have to know where to go. When I'm not eating I'm enjoying a coffee and shooting photos with my camera.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Mechanical Engineering/Biomechanics Hosts expertise Food Hosts expertise Culture
Street food Local specialities Desserts Food markets Unique/unusual Music Film Street art Scenic routes Wildlife Social Cityscapes Street photography Classical Coffee Beer Vintage Popular Lifestyle Alternative / Underground

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