Hi, I’m Haru


Hi, I’m Haru

I’ve lived in Hiroshima for 2 years

I speak English, Filipino and some Japanese

I am a Part timer


Hello! I'm Haru, your local host and friend in the beautiful city of Hiroshima. I have a deep love for this city, from its mouth-watering food to the warmth of its people and the stunning cityscapes that never cease to amaze me. My curiosity and open-minded nature have led me to explore every nook and cranny of Hiroshima, from the bustling streets of the main city to the serene and often overlooked neighborhoods. I am particularly passionate about discovering unique spots that are off the beaten path, places where you can truly feel the heartbeat of Hiroshima. As a food enthusiast, I relish the experience of trying new and different cuisines, and I'm always excited to share these culinary adventures with you. Join me, and let's uncover the hidden gems of Hiroshima together!

My knowledge & interests

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