Hi, I’m Samad


Hi, I’m Samad

I’ve lived in Milan for 8 years

I speak English, Hindi, Italian

I am Application consultant


Hey there, I'm Samad, your go-to guy for all things Milan! Milan is my playground, and what I adore most about it is the electrifying fusion of fashion and architecture. This city seamlessly blends classical and modern, making every corner a masterpiece. The energy here is infectious, and I can't get enough of its chaotic, never-sleeping vibe. When I'm not exploring Milan's bustling streets, you'll find me on culinary adventures, trying out new restaurants and sipping espresso in charming coffee shops. I'm a nature enthusiast, so I escape the urban hustle to hidden gems like Moscova, Porta Garibaldi, and the tranquil beauty of Lecco and Como. Parco Nord and CityLife are my sanctuaries. Let's make your Milan experience as thrilling as the city itself!

My knowledge & interests

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