Hi, I’m Hiba


Hi, I’m Hiba

I’ve lived in Paris for 4 years

I speak English, French and some Arabic

I am a Architecture student


Hello! My name is Hiba, I'm 22 and I grew up in the city of Casablanca, Morocco. Growing up, I went to French schools in Morocco, and I got a French Baccalauréat at the end of high school in 2018. I decided then that I wanted to leave Morocco, and I moved to Paris for my studies. As I have always been passionate about Architecture, studying in this field felt like my calling, and what's better than the most beautiful city in the world to study this art? I spent the first three years of my studies in Paris and after getting my bachelor's, I moved to Finland for a one-year exchange. There, I was able to improve my English, and also travel around the Nordic countries. I also met people from all around the world and this amazing experience thought me to be more open to people and more extroverted. I am now back in Paris for my last year of studies. I always loved history, art and architecture and I learned a lot about the history of Paris and its buildings during my studies. Now, when I go for a walk in the city with friends or family, I often find myself telling them about all the historical facts I know about each building. I really love sharing my knowledge with people, and I love even more learning new things myself. I thought we can share our love for exploring this city together.

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