Hi, I’m Amelia


Hi, I’m Amelia

I’ve lived in Paris for 3 years

I speak English, French

I am a English Teacher


I am a 26-year-old from England who loves to travel, therefore, since graduating in 2018, I have lived in Italy and France but ultimately fell in love with Paris life. I studied History of Art at University, focusing on contemporary and modern art forms but with a keen interest in architecture and the often-overlooked art that surrounds us in everyday life. I would describe myself as a creative person, enjoying drawing in my free time as well as reading and weekends visiting museums and galleries. I am also passionate about food, I enjoy cooking as a stress reliever and a way to spend time with others, trying new cuisines as well as the depth of food that Paris has to offer. Living with French families during my time as a nanny allowed me to develop an understanding of French food and culture. I have lived in Paris for three years and I love to walk and cycle around Paris as I believe these are the best ways to see the city. I would like to think I know Paris somewhat well, although I know that in a city like this there is always more to discover! Recently I have worked as an English Teacher which has increased my confidence in speaking in front of groups. I would now like to combine my teaching skills along with my passions for culture, history, and art to become a tour guide and be able to inform people about all the hidden things that this city has to offer.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation History of Art
Local specialities Desserts Food markets Galleries Street art Parks Gardens Scenic routes Hikes Social Buildings Cityscapes Modern Classical Tea Everyday Vintage Markets Souvenirs Popular Lifestyle

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