Hi, I’m Randy


Hi, I’m Randy

I’ve lived in Montreal for 41 years

I speak English, French

I am Buyer


Hello there! I'm Chankumar, but you can call me Randy, your friendly Montreal enthusiast. Every time I hike up Mt-Royal, I'm reminded of why I adore this city so much. It's not just the breathtaking views but also the energy from our colorful festivals and, of course, the delicious food from every corner of the world. I'm a big fan of long walks (sometimes they turn into hikes!), and I'm always on the lookout for the next best restaurant to try. Let's wander through the artsy lanes of Plateau Mt-Royal, explore the buzz of Downtown, or catch a serene sunset on West Island. Whether you're craving a food adventure, a relaxing day in a park, or a lively night out, I've got the lowdown. So, let's make some fun memories in Montreal together, shall we?

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