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About me

Hello everyone ! I'm so excited about meeting you all and getting to explore my wonderful city with you ! My name is Myriam, I was born and raised in Paris. I've lived in Los Angeles for the past four years. Living away from home truly has made me fall in love with Paris all over again as I can see it with different eyes now. I'm an actress, writer and painter. I'm super passionate and curious about all forms of expression and anything that's mind expanding. There's so much to do with this wonderful life ! I also love exploring nature and getting in touch with that part of ourselves, which I believe deeply helps us put things in perspective and achieve some great levels of self-love and inner peace. I'm also passionate about self development and I love meeting new people to share stories and insights, there's so much we can learn from each other. Let's go on some adventures !


English, French

My Interests

Cinema/Theatre , Music/concerts/festivals , Self-development/méditation/spirituality , Art/exhibition/poetry, Nature/adventure/camping/hiking

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My most exciting things to do in Paris

Explore the city, admire the beauty of its architecture and history, find great pubs with inspiring people and artistic inspiration.

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I am a Canadian living in Paris. I enjoy swimming and biking as well as attending theatre performances and concerts. I like to explore unknown places and meet new people. I am curious and enthusiastic. Paris for me represents a place where one can discover things about themselves all while learning about history and culture.

  • Alexandra Is Great For

    High-end travellers, Off-the-beaten-path, Solo travellers, Children and families

  • Languages

    English, French

I am a young , energetic creative person. I am a person who is attached to the city of Paris due to its rich history and culture. I describe my living experience by a quote well said by Thomas Jefferson, " A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life. "

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  • Languages

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When I first saw a picture of the Eiffel Tower, at the age of 8, I said to myself "I'm gonna visit that place someday...". As time passed by, Paris became an obsession in my life, until one day I decided that it should stop being just a dream, and make it happen. And here I am! 2 years and a half later and still living in one of the most wonderful cities in the world. I am an Argentinean girl working, studying and mostly trying to be understood in Paris, the city where everything happens.

  • Paula Is Great For

    Food & Drink, Senior travellers, Children and families, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, French, Spanish

Hi, my name is mari and i'm an italian girl. I used to work as a project manager for a consulting firm and then for the universal exhibition held in milan in 2015. My husband moved here, in Paris in 2014 and i followed him. Now i'm in a Sabbatical. I would like to find something interesting that doesn't force me in a suffocating office. I like being in contact with people, organizing event (i always do it for my group of friends) like b-days, weddings or just trips to explore new places. I like Paris. I like living here, the freedom i have and the opportunity that this city is offering to me. And i like the idea of sharing this enthusiasm with other. Also, i like languages. I'm native Italian and fluent in English, but i have an good knowledge of French and Spanish. I like talking with people, about whatever. I have a degree in BA but many different other passion, so i like to cover a wide range.

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  • Languages

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Bridget | Paris

Myriam | Paris

Review by: Bridget B
August 2018

A great day in Paris with an awesome person

My guided day with Myriam was above and beyond what I was expecting! I had a two day layover in Paris and thought it would be nicer to see the city one of the days with another person who knew the area. Going with Myriam was such a good idea :) The day was so relaxed, very easy to change plans based on what I was feeling like doing, because it wasn't a preset tour. We went to the Rodin Museum, a wine tasting , and finished up the day with wine and cheese by the river. When I was first debating whether to spend the money on a guided tour, I was thinking that I could easily look up information on both of these things and navigate to them, no problem - without paying for a guide. That is true. But what Myriam added wasn't a list of names, dates, and interesting tidbits, but rather a sense Paris and France through the eyes of a local. It wasn't facts about Rodin that were added, we can look those up online, it was the discussions about current happenings in France, the culture, the social and political influences of the past and present that only the people living there can really have the best feel of. Our conversations were wonderful, intriguing, and thought provoking in ways that touring a city with your nose in Wikipedia facts just can't be. I couldn't more highly recommend seeing the city this way, and I couldn't more highly recommend Myriam!

Carol Ann | Paris

Myriam | Paris

Review by: Carol Ann N
March 2018

Amazing tour of Paris!

My 14yo niece and I spent an entire day with Myriam. In short it was AMAZING! We instantly felt at ease with her. We visited ALL the sights and had a fabulous time. We ate macaroons, crepes and had a delicious French lunch. I cannot recommend Myriam highly enough! Thank you for a very memorable experience and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Nicole | Paris

Myriam | Paris

Review by: Nicole R
March 2018

Myriam is awesome!

We had the best time with Myriam in Paris! It was like spending the day with an old friend. She was so flexible and gracious to help us meet all of our wishlist items! She truly made it all about us with no personal agenda at all. We will definitely call her again when we return to London!!

Yunna | Paris

Myriam | Paris

Review by: Yunna T
April 2017

Lovely bubbly girl and great way to see the real Paris

Myriam was really lovely and patient with our one year old. We've been to Paris a few times so this time it was really nice to relax and let her take us around and discover gorgeous parts of the city that we've never seen! She even prepared two pages of restaurants, boulangeries, shops etc that she recommended around where we were staying! So that was super nice and the next day we followed her advice and visited a wonderful flea market that we would've never gone to otherwise! Thumbs up!

How many hours should you book?

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1 hr
Perfect for advice or a short exploration
  • Meet your Host for a coffee anywhere in the city or at your hotel and get advice on things to do and see during your stay
  • Explore a small area or street of the city to get insider insights and advice from your Host
2 hr
Perfect for exploring a small area of the city
  • Explore a mainstream area of the city to see the main tourist sites but also to discover hidden gems that most tourists miss
  • Discover an "off the beaten path" area of the city loved by locals and get a feel for what makes the city so special
3 hr
-4 hr
Perfect for exploring a larger area of the city or an in-depth discovery of smaller area
  • Visit some of the main tourist sites, get insider insights from your Host and discover hidden gems along the way
  • Focus on a specific neighbourhood or larger area of the city, discover its streets and places locals frequent and get a real insight into what really makes the city beat
  • Explore an area of the city that offers interesting things to see and do day and night and stop for a drink at some of the best bars along the way
  • Visit a child friendly area of the city and have time for the kids to run around and explore any interesting shops and attractions. Get advice from your Host on child friendly places to eat and visit during your stay
5 hr
-6 hr
Perfect for exploring 2 or 3 areas of the city
  • See all or most of the main tourist sites in different locations of the city, stop for a drink or quick lunch at a cafe or restaurant recommended by your Host and based on what you like, get insider insights and discover hidden gems along the way
  • Mix it! Visit some of the main tourist sites and then go off to explore an off the beaten path neighbourhood loved by locals. Stop for a drink or quick lunch along the way
  • Choose a theme such as food discovery, best markets, vintage shopping, music scene, trendy scene, history, art etc and let your Host plan an outing across several areas of the city covering the best of your chosen theme
7 hr
-8+ hr
Perfect for spending a day experiencing the best of what the city has to offer based on your interests
  • Give your Host a list of all the places you want to visit and things you want to do and let him/her plan an outing that makes the most of your time including organising tickets to attractions etc.
  • See all the main tourist sites in different locations of the city, stop for lunch at a cafe or restaurant recommended by your Host, have time to pop into any shops, galleries or places of interest along the way, get insider insights and discover hidden gems
  • Mix it! Visit the main tourist sites and then go off to explore one or more off the beaten path neighbourhoods loved by locals. Stop for lunch or dinner and drinks along the way