Hi, I’m Simon


Hi, I’m Simon

I’ve lived in London for 55 years

I speak English

I am a artist and broadcaster


I am of that indeterminate bohemian class of artist, being welcome and comfortable across the various social strata of our world, from country estates to urban collectives, sometimes feeling as if I know 'everyone', and then wondering where they have all gone (quite often the South of France it seems). My time revolves around cultural activities, my studio work as an artist, and making my weekly radio broadcasts on London's arts radio station Resonance 104.4 fm (once billed as the voice of London in a Time Out article), as well as a little teaching and much socialising. I have endless stories from an unusual and busy life, having spent many years working around the music world, touring with bands such as The Clash, Alan Vega, The Police, Pink Floyd, before returning to full time fine art practice and study in the mid 1990's. I have travelled extensively, usually staying with local friends or colleagues around my projects, which have been from the sublime to the dangerous (Kabul not so long ago, and an island off the coast of Somalia), as a result I am an enthusiastic internationalist. I know London intimately and seem to have history and stories for most times and places, and I take a great pleasure in sharing our city’s secrets and insights when in receptive and genial company. I have a unique and intimate map of London, which can be enjoyed via long meandering walks, quick fire cycle rides, or even late-night treks when the stars are correctly aligned. I may appear a little, and I hope appropriately eccentric, even having been formally enrolled in the Ancient Fellowship of the British Eccentric (participating in a glorious work of performance art). I am naturally an improvisor upon themes, with the details and stories I have of this city being personal rather than encyclopaedic, although I love to chase up and check details when a subject really grabs my imagination.

My knowledge & interests

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