Hi, I’m Yingpo


Hi, I’m Yingpo

I’ve lived in Stockholm for 9 years

I speak English

I am a Guide


Hello, I'm Yingpo, your host here in the beautiful city of Stockholm. I have a deep appreciation for the city's vibrant pop music scene and love swimming in its pristine waters. Riding my bicycle through Stockholm's charming neighborhoods and spending time reading in the serene libraries are some of my favorite activities. I know the city inside out, from its best culinary spots to the fascinating Vasa Museum. Whether you're a foodie eager to explore the city's diverse cuisine or a history enthusiast ready to dive into Stockholm's rich maritime past, I'm here to show you with a mature and polite approach. Let's discover the many wonders of Stockholm together.

My knowledge & interests

Street food Cinema Parks Scenic routes Economic history Social history Cityscape photography Street photography Modern architecture Classical architecture Wine Whiskey High-end fashion boutiques Vintage shops Popular culture Art history Classical music Jazz music

Experiences I love to host