Hi, I’m Yan


Hi, I’m Yan

I’ve lived in Singapore for 40 years

I speak English, Malay

I am a Presenter/animal trainer


Hi, I'm Yan, your warm-hearted and easygoing host to the mesmerizing city of Singapore. What I absolutely love about this city is its striking blend of towering skyscrapers and lush greenery, creating a backdrop like no other. The food scene here? Simply divine. It's a melting pot of flavors that reflects the diverse cultures and religions living in harmony. Whether it's indulging in the local culinary delights or taking leisurely strolls by the marina, there's always something to marvel at. I'm particularly familiar with the Yishun and Woodlands neighborhoods, where the essence of Singapore's community spirit truly shines. As an enthusiast of wildlife, food, and culture, I'm excited to share the hidden gems and fascinating stories of Singapore. Let's embark on a fun-filled journey through the Lion City together, where adventure and delicious eats await at every corner!

My knowledge & interests

Street food Local cuisine Desserts Food markets Art galleries & museums Parks Gardens Wildlife Architectural history Cityscape photography Modern architecture Third wave coffee Street markets Handicrafts & souvenirs Traditional culture Religious customs Lifestyle culture Painting Performance art Art history Bookstores Antique shops Wildlife photography Night photography Nature photography Post-modern architecture Pre-Columbian architecture Spanish colonial architecture Ottoman architecture Ethnic culture Pop music Rock music R&B

Experiences I love to host