Hi, I’m Cheryl


Hi, I’m Cheryl

I’ve lived in Singapore for 23 years

I speak English and some Chinese

I am a UI UX Designer


Hi there! I'm Cheryl, your go-to local host in the vibrant city of Singapore. My love for this city is as diverse as its culture - from the adrenaline-pumping Wicked Wallop, showcasing vintage beauties on wheels, to the unique blend of urban buzz and "kampong" spirit that makes Singapore truly special. I'm all about exploring every nook and cranny, tasting our way through the city's culinary delights, and soaking in the urban landscapes on leisurely walks. My neighborhood expertise spans the charming streets of Bukit Batok to the bustling heart of the Town Area. Having worked in the zoo, I'm your encyclopedia for Singapore's wildlife and an avid shopper who can navigate you from luxe boutiques to hidden bargain spots. Let's make your Singapore adventure unforgettable with laughter, discoveries, and a whole lot of local insight!

My knowledge & interests

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Street food Local cuisine Desserts Food markets Cinema Parks Scenic routes Wildlife Social history Religious history Cityscape photography Modern architecture High-end fashion boutiques Department stores Vintage shops Street markets Handicrafts & souvenirs Traditional culture Popular culture Lifestyle culture Gourmet food Local speciality drinks Traditional art Thrift stores Specialty shops Bookstores Video game stores Food photography Pop music R&B Soul music

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