Hi, I’m Fer

Mexico City

Hi, I’m Fer

I’ve lived in Mexico City for 14 years

I speak English, Spanish and some French

I am a visual artist, tourist guide and researcher


Hola, I'm Fer, your go-to local host in the heart of Mexico City, a place where the energy pulses with surrealism and a rich multicultural vibe. My love for this city is endless, from its vibrant food scene to the profound art and culture that adorn every street. There's always something new to learn and discover here. Exploring Mexico City is my passion. Whether it's uncovering new culinary delights, iconic buildings, or just soaking in the unique spots around the city, each experience is a treasure. Meeting people from all corners of the world and making new friends is what makes my adventures even more special. I have a deep knowledge of the historical heartbeat of Mexico City, especially the must-visit museums and historical sites. From Colonia Centro to Coyoacan, Juarez, and Roma Norte, I know the most interesting places and hidden gems in each neighborhood. Join me, and let's dive into the history, art, and soul of this magnificent city together.

My knowledge & interests

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