Hi, I’m Sota


Hi, I’m Sota

I’ve lived in Osaka for 22 years

I speak English, Japanese

I am Contractor


Hey there! I'm Sota, your friendly host in the vibrant city of Osaka! What I love most about this city is the mouthwatering food. From takoyaki stalls to sushi joints, Osaka's culinary scene is a vibe I can't get enough of. The fusion of flavors, the sizzling street food – it's a foodie's paradise! But Osaka isn't just about the food; it has rich history, scenic beauty, and the most fantastic people. I'm on a mission to explore every nook and cranny of Osaka's diverse cafe scene. It's like a treasure hunt for the best brews and bites! I know Umeda and Namba like the back of my hand. From hidden gems to iconic landmarks, I've got the inside scoop on the best places to visit. Let's make your time in Osaka as exciting and unforgettable as this city itself! Ready for an adventure? Let's dive into the heart of Osaka together!

My knowledge & interests

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