Hi, I’m Kenzo


Hi, I’m Kenzo

I’ve lived in Osaka for 8 years

I speak English and some Japanese

I am Teacher


Hey there! I'm Kenzo, your friendly local host here in Osaka. One of the things I cherish most about Osaka is its incredible food scene. The fabulous flavors that this city has to offer never cease to amaze me. I'm your go-to guide for culinary adventures. Osaka is also home to some incredible sports teams, and I love to catch a game whenever I can. I'm always up for some friendly banter about our local heroes. When I'm not savoring the local cuisine or cheering for our teams, you'll often find me exploring the vibrant neighborhoods of Umeda, Namba, Tennoji, and Kyobashi/Osaka Castle. I can show you the hidden gems that make each one unique. So, if you're eager to explore Osaka's modern history and customs or uncover its hidden treasures, I've got you covered. I'll ensure your time in Osaka is not just memorable but also filled with laughter and great company.

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