Hi, I’m Mouloud


Hi, I’m Mouloud

I’ve lived in Kyoto for 7 years

I speak English, French, Japanese

I am a Translator-Interpreter


Hey there! I'm Mouloud, your jovial guide to the soulful wonders of Kyoto. Fancy a stroll through the old city where each cobblestone whispers tales of ages past? Or perhaps you're lured by the majestic temples, where history stands tall amidst serene shrines and regal palaces. But wait, there's more! Dive into the bustling Nishiki Market or wander the alleys of Gion District with me. With every step, I'll share stories from when Kyoto was Japan's beating heart. And if your tummy rumbles? Well, my friend, prepare for a culinary voyage, as I've got the ultimate scoop on the city's finest eateries!

My knowledge & interests

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