Hi, I’m Kraisate


Hi, I’m Kraisate

I’ve lived in Kyoto for 9 years

I speak English, Japanese and some Mandarin

I am a Business owner


I have been in Japan since 2011 for my master's degree in Kagawa prefecture then I got a job in Shiga prefecture which is next to Kyoto from 2013 to 2022. From my place to Kyoto it’s only 15 mins so I go to Kyoto almost every weekend during these 10 years. I’m a very outgoing person so I hang out a lot with friends and also organize many events in Kyoto. I also organized the tour group for an American company and also my Japanese friend's company before as my part-time job. My previous job was as a mechanical engineer and food scientist. I love technology and also food culture. I always find the unique places and hidden gems around the Kansai area especially hiking, tracking, cycling, and nature traveling. I’m also interested in the food culture. Now I quit my job and am about to start my cafe business in Kyoto city. I have been to many cafes in Japan. It’s not only in Kyoto but also in the country. My knowledge of the hidden gem places and restaurants is over Japanese local people. Most of my Japanese friends have to ask me for a place to eat or travel. For me, I can create plans to fit people. I think people should experience more than only tourist attractions. They have to absorb the local lifestyle and contract with local people. I love micro travel more than macro travel. I’m always seeking small local shops. Many places in Kyoto and the Kansai area have their unique magic to tell the story. All the places have their tales and their history. To tell people the story and experience the real place together is the funniest way for people to enjoy the tour. Also, feeling like local people.

My knowledge & interests

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