Hi, I’m Mili


Hi, I’m Mili

I’ve lived in Paris for 1 years

I speak English, Spanish

I am a tour guide


Bonjour! I'm Mili, your friendly local host in the enchanting city of Paris. Kindness, friendliness, and open-mindedness are my pillars, and I'm always enthusiastic about sharing the magic of this city with you. What captivates me most about Paris are its breathtaking architectural wonders—every corner feels like a postcard, and the energy of the city and its people is simply invigorating. When I'm not exploring hidden gems in Le Marais, Montmartre, Chatelet, or the Latin Quarter, you can often find me strolling for hours, discovering new places, or immersing myself in the rich world of museums and art exhibitions. I have a knack for uncovering those hidden gems and can point you to the best pâtisseries in the city. If you're eager to explore Paris like a true local and savor its artistic and culinary treasures, let's make your visit an unforgettable one!

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