Hi, I’m Alex

Hong Kong

Hi, I’m Alex

I’ve lived in Hong Kong for 30 years

I speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese and some Japanese

I am an Editor


Hello! I'm Alex, your friendly and adventurous host to the vibrant city of Hong Kong. My love for this city is boundless, especially for its incredible variety of cuisine. Here, you can savor not only the exquisite local dishes but also flavors from around the globe. But what truly takes my breath away is Hong Kong's stunning landscape, which is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts like me who enjoy hiking and swimming. I have a knack for discovering new restaurants and bars, ensuring you'll always have the best dining experiences. As a local expert, I'm your go-to for finding the coolest video game stores and the latest culinary gems. Plus, if you're looking to kick a soccer ball around, I'm your guy for organizing a game. Join me, and let's explore the best of Hong Kong together!

My knowledge & interests

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