Hi, I’m Shamayel

Hong Kong

Hi, I’m Shamayel

I’ve lived in Hong Kong for 2 years

I speak English, Hindi, Bengali

I am Student


Hey there! I'm Shamayel, your considerate and friendly local host in Hong Kong. With an adventurous spirit and an easygoing nature, I'm here to make your experience in this vibrant city truly unforgettable. What I absolutely love about Hong Kong is the bustling and energetic life that fills its streets. It's a mesmerizing sight to witness the diverse people and the vibrant pulse of the city—it truly is an amazing experience. Walking the streets of Hong Kong and exploring its different areas is a true passion of mine. There's always something new to look at and appreciate—it's an endless adventure for the senses. And let's not forget my ultimate weakness: bubble tea. It's a must-have for me whenever I'm out and about in the city. As an expert, I can take you to the city's breathtaking beaches and guide you through the rich heritage sites that make Hong Kong so special. Let's uncover the wonders of Hong Kong together, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Architecture
Street food Local cuisine Desserts Cinema Art galleries & museums Parks Hikes Social history Architectural history Cityscape photography Street photography Modern architecture Third wave coffee Artisanal tea High-end fashion boutiques Department stores Street markets Popular culture Lifestyle culture Traditional art Digital art Contemporary art Thrift stores Bookstores Landscape photography Night photography Post-modern architecture Gothic architecture Baroque architecture Ottoman architecture Pop music Country music Indie music

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