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I have lived in San Francisco for over 25 years and love nothing more than sharing the magic of The City with visitors on foot! I will share places, stories and anecdotes that make this city so special for me. Book 3-8 hours with me if you want to walk around the city tasting some specialities, feel like a local in our delightful neighborhoods or explore the hidden gems of this beautiful city.

  • Kathy Is Great For

    Food & Drink, Off-the-beaten-path, Senior travellers, Solo travellers

  • Languages


My greatest asset is my boundless energy and, not surprisingly, my energy can be a hindrance at times. I have great passion for languages, history, the natural world and learning in general. I provide tours of SF and the greater Bay Area because I like being outside, I like sharing what I learn and I like to learn from others. SF offers her visitors more cultures, more history, more nature and more adventure that humans typically pack into 172 years worth of city. Let’s explore together.

  • Morris Is Great For

    Food & Drink, Off-the-beaten-path, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Children and families, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, Spanish, Turkish

Not sure which Local to book? We know each of our Locals individually, so leave it to us to find the Local who best matches your interests, personality and requirements. Simply book below and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to find out more about you so we can choose a like-minded Local who can create an experience in San Francisco that you will love. Alternatively, contact us directly at bookings@cityunscripted.com to let us know the proposed details of your trip so we can find the perfect Local for you!

  • Your Perfect Local Is Great For

    Children and families, Food & Drink, High-end travellers, LGBTQ, Nightlife, Off-the-beaten-path, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Many Others

I am a San Francisco native who loves all the city has to offer with its great moderate weather, fantastic variety of food, and endless things to do. San Francisco offers many cultural foods that taste superb, so one of my favorite things to do is to try a new place with a friend or return to a favorite spot. I grew up near the ocean admiring the many sunsets and sounds of the waves. When I was a child I wanted to be an artist, but as I grew up I kept wanting to try new things. Museums are still one of my favorite attractions because they provide a window to our past world. Even though I have not moved away from the city I grew up in, I love to travel in order to experience new foods and places. Planning is my greatest asset. I enjoy researching and finding out what a city has to offer for myself and others.

  • Linda Is Great For

    Business travellers, Children and families, Food & Drink, Parks and nature, Solo travellers

  • Languages


Touring the San Francisco Peninsula is one of the best decisions you've made for yourself! Allow me to help you discover the best spots to make the best out of it. See the culture, lifestyle and diversity of the Bay Area's gem from a locals perspective. My experience in photography exposed me to the city's best kept secrets and I want to share them with you.

  • Wayne Is Great For

    Business travellers, Children and families, Food & Drink, High-end travellers, History and culture, LGBTQ, Nightlife, Off-the-beaten-path, Parks and nature, Senior travellers, Solo travellers, Young adults

  • Languages

    English, Spanish, Italian, German, Swahili

A little about me: I consider myself a very international person - I'm a dual citizen of Australia and good ol' US of A, and I've travelled to more than 20 different countries on 6 different continents. But for the past 6 1/2 years I've been calling the San Francisco/Bay Area my home. I attended University at USF in San Francisco, and ever since then I have been hooked. Aside from the exorbitant rent, it's a fantastic place for people like me - I'm active, I love food, and I always need to keep myself busy. A little about San Francisco: San Francisco, is a small city with a huge personality. 'The City' is one of the most diverse places I've ever had the privilege of living in. Whatever you're looking for, you'll be able to find it... Best Burrito in the country- We've got it. Two of the most beautiful bridges in the US- Yeah, they're here. Rich and vivid history- Mhm, we have that too. A booming tech industry- Yeah we've got that. San Franciscan's like me are always ready to accept visitors and tourists with open arms. We've got a great city, and we would love to share it with you!

  • MYLES Is Great For

    Food & Drink, Off-the-beaten-path, Solo travellers

  • Languages