Hi, I’m Kamron

San Francisco

Hi, I’m Kamron

I’ve lived in San Francisco for 43 years

I speak English, Farsi and some French, Spanish

I am an Entrepreneur


Hello! I'm Kamron, your friendly San Francisco connoisseur, and I can't wait to guide you through the city's picturesque neighborhoods with their unbeatable food, wine, and coffee scenes. This city's commitment to diversity and the environment resonates deeply with me. I find joy in the simple pleasures, like getting lost in the literary labyrinth of Green Apple Books or chasing the perfect sunset view after a day of discovering the best dining spots. From the vibrant streets of North Beach to the tranquil vibes of Outer Sunset, I know the ins and outs of where to savor the most delightful flavors and sights. Let's explore the heart of SF's culture together — through its cuisine, cafes, and the charm of its golden hours!

My knowledge & interests

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