Hi, I’m Rachel


Hi, I’m Rachel

I’ve lived in London for 15 years

I speak English and some French

I am Actress


Hi there! I'm Rachel, your friendly neighborhood host here in London. One of my favorite pastimes is taking long walks around London, discovering hidden gems, and soaking in its rich history. I'm a history buff, and I particularly love exploring every museum this city has to offer. From Clerkenwell to Soho, Angel to Kensington, I know these neighborhoods like the back of my hand. As a local history enthusiast, I take pride in sharing the lesser-known stories of London's past, whether it's uncovering great hidden old pubs or guiding you to smaller museums and places of interest. And let's not forget about London's literary and theatrical history – there's so much to explore! So, if you're ready to experience London through the eyes of a local, I'm here to make sure your time here is nothing short of unforgettable. Let's go on an adventure together!

My knowledge & interests

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