Hi, I’m Glare


Hi, I’m Glare

I’ve lived in Oslo for 4 years

I speak English and some Japanese

I am a Kindergarten Assistant


Hi! I am Glare, I'm originally from the Philippines but currently live and work here in Oslo, Norway for a couple of years now. I love traveling and exploring places, thus, it would be nice to have this job on the side since I would love tourists to be guided and well-informed about the areas they should visit to see how beautiful and awesome Oslo, Norway is! See you soon!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Master's in Applied Computer and Information Technology Hosts expertise Food Hosts expertise Arts Hosts expertise Nature / outdoors Hosts expertise History Hosts expertise Shopping Hosts expertise Culture
Street food Local specialities Desserts Food markets Unique/unusual Music Theater Film Galleries Street art Parks Gardens Scenic routes Hikes Social Buildings Religious Cityscapes Street photography Instagrammable Modern Classical Coffee Beer Tea High fashion Everyday Vintage Markets Souvenirs Traditional Popular Religion Lifestyle Rituals & Ceremonial

Experiences I love to host