Hi, I’m Lauren


Hi, I’m Lauren

I’ve lived in Yokohama for 5 years

I speak English


Hello there! This is Lauren and I will be happy to go on an adventure in Yokohama with you. One of the things I love about the city is that one minute you can be walking through some of the most modern places in the world and two minutes later you could stumble upon a one hundred-year-old shrine or temple. One of the best things about Japan in general is of course the food. But also Kanagawa area has an array of museums and sightseeing places. I love visiting Chinatown as it reminds me of my time traveling in China, and you can also pick up some fantastic food here! If you have a particular niche museum interest, it’s likely you will find it in Japan! I am from Cumbria in the UK therefore I love nature and one of my favorite activities is hiking the mountain trails around Yokohama. Whatever your interests are, you will find something that makes you say ‘wow’ when visiting Japan!

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