Hi, I’m Dré


Hi, I’m Dré

I’ve lived in Tokyo for 9 years

I speak English, Japanese and some Korean

I am an Entrepreneur


Hey, fellow adventurers! I'm Dré, your go-to guide for the enchanting tapestry of Tokyo. I'm here to ensure your Tokyo journey is nothing short of spectacular. What captivates me about this city is its hidden communities tucked away in unexpected corners. My escapades involve soaking in the rich culture of hot springs and public baths, from standalone sanctuaries to traditional inns. As a ramen and grilled meat enthusiast, I'm always on the lookout for new gastronomic delights. Consider me your Tokyo hotline. Whether you crave hot spring insights or seek the latest culinary delights, my network ensures I've got the perfect reference. Let's turn your Tokyo exploration into an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, great food, and positive vibes. Can't wait to show you around!

My knowledge & interests

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