Hi, I’m Naoki


Hi, I’m Naoki

I’ve lived in Tokyo for 19 years

I speak English

I am Marketing Manager


Hi there! I'm Naoki, your friendly local host here in Tokyo! I adore Asakusa, with its rich history, stunning temple, and mouthwatering traditional Japanese food. And let's not forget Ginza – a paradise for shopping enthusiasts and foodies alike, offering some of the finest Japanese delicacies you'll ever taste. When I'm not busy showing off the wonders of Tokyo, you'll often find me exploring temples, soaking in the culture, and seeking out fortunes. I never miss a chance to indulge in a delicious authentic Japanese meal. With my knowledge, I can take you to hidden gems in Asakusa for a taste of tradition or whisk you away to Ginza's finest restaurants. Whether you're craving cultural immersion or culinary delights, count on me to make your Tokyo experience unforgettable. Let's embark on this adventure together!

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