Hi, I’m Loys


Hi, I’m Loys

I’ve lived in Kyoto for 23 years

I speak English, French, Japanese and some Spanish

I am Interpreter


Hello there! I'm Loys, your friendly local host in the vibrant city of Kobe. What I love most about this city is simply everything – the bustling streets, the serene gardens, and, of course, the mouthwatering cuisine. Kobe's charm lies in its perfect blend of tradition and modernity. I often wander through the historic neighborhoods, admiring the beautiful Western-style house. I know all the hidden gems and fascinating stories that make these neighborhoods come alive. Kobe's nightlife is another highlight I can't get enough of. Whether you're into jazz bars, karaoke joints, or cozy izakayas, I've got the inside scoop on the best places to unwind and have a blast after the sun goes down. So, if you're ready to experience Kobe and create unforgettable memories, I'm here to make it happen. Let's explore this incredible city together!

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