Hi, I’m Hubby


Hi, I’m Hubby

I’ve lived in Kobe for 1 years

I speak English

I am a Public service worker


Hello! I'm Hubby. With a heart that beats in rhythm with the vibrant streets of Sannomiya and the calming breeze of Harbourland, Kobe has always been my playground. The tranquility of Nunobiki Gardens offers a beautiful contrast, and it's one of my favorite spots. Being open-minded and ever-curious, I've ventured into every nook and corner, tasting culinary wonders and meandering through the mountain paths. From the lively scenes of Sannomiya to the captivating allure of Mount Rokko, I've immersed myself in the essence of this city. My friendly expertise is not just about knowing the places; it's about relishing in the experience—whether that's introducing you to the best street food markets or guiding you through the bustling Sannomiya Center. So, if you're ready for a journey through Kobe, let's embark together!

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation ECONOMICS
Street food Desserts Parks Gardens Wildlife Political history Economic history Social history Street photography Wine Street markets Rituals & ceremonial customs Landscape photography Nature photography Jazz music

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