Hi, I’m Eduardo


Hi, I’m Eduardo

I’ve lived in Rome for 38 years

I speak English, Italian and some Spanish, Portuguese

I am Tour Leader


Hey there! I'm Eduardo, your friendly host here in Rome. One of the things I cherish most about Rome is that everywhere you look, you're greeted with breathtaking views of ancient Roman buildings, majestic churches, and iconic monuments. I'm passionate about history, art, and architecture, and nothing brings me more joy than sharing my knowledge and insights about Rome's rich culture. Whether we're exploring the Colosseum or wandering through the charming streets of Trastevere, I've got you covered. Indulging in authentic Roman cuisine is an essential part of any visit here. From mouthwatering pasta dishes to creamy gelato, I'll make sure you experience the food delights that make Rome famous. So, if you're ready to discover the hidden gems and cool spots that only a true Rome enthusiast knows about, let's embark on this adventure together! See you soon.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Medieval. Modern and Contemporary Hosts expertise History
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