Hi, I’m Martin


Hi, I’m Martin

I’ve lived in Berlin for 32 years

I speak English, French, German

I am a Tour Guide


I grew up in the South-West of Germany and knew all along, that I was too big for that town. So I arrived in Berlin and took the city by storm. Only that there wasn't much to take as in summer 1989, Berlin was very much a hick-town, which, some would say, it still is, although one with a twist! A few years after reunification the Hurrah-patriotism that had gripped city and country alike scared me, so I left, settling first in London, later in Paris. A Master's Degree which I topped off with a Ph.D. in Film Studies followed a string of jobs in High Fashion at Harrod's, YSL, and Chanel. Life's strange ways brought me back to the city where it all started to do a "da capo al fine", this time as a tour guide, making it my mission to show people from around the globe what a uniquely bizarre, fascinating, altogether different city Berlin is!

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