Hi, I’m Miriam


Hi, I’m Miriam

I’ve lived in Toronto for 6 years

I speak English, Spanish and some French

I am a Shift Scheduling Coordinator Toronto Airport


Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, I come from a family of travelers. I always enjoyed traveling as a kid and I made Tourism my professional career when I went to University. I have always been interested in discovering other cultures and ways of living. I'm passionately curious by nature and I wanted to live in a different country and that's why I moved to Canada in 2015 with my family. I am also crazy about food and I really enjoy trying different foods, whether it is street food or Michelin star restaurants. I love photography and took a couple of photography courses back in Spain. I have worked in the Tourism industry for quite some time, but tour guide is without a doubt, my favourite job. I love interacting with people and helping them discover new places, new cultures, food and people...I love to open their eyes to the world and to inspire them to keep traveling.

My knowledge & interests

Hosts graduation Bachelor's degree Travel and Tourism Hosts expertise Food Hosts expertise Arts Hosts expertise History Hosts expertise Architecture Hosts expertise Culture & customs
Local cuisine Desserts Food markets Parks Hikes Social history Architectural history Street photography Classical architecture Wine Artisanal tea Department stores Vintage shops Traditional culture Popular culture Religious customs

Experiences I love to host