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About me

I’m 24 and originally I come from Bergamo, Italy. I’ve studied in Venice and Bologna, spent my Erasmus year here in Berlin and then came back to Italy to finish my studies. I have a bachelor’s degree in Film and Art Theory, and how I ended up working as a sales agent for a moving company I don’t even know. So here I am, full of all the positive energy I’ve accumulated while I was doing a job so far from my interests. You know that dreadful feeling of emptiness you have after you graduate? All I knew when I felt that way was that if I had come back to Berlin, everything would have been alright again. This city is like a hug; a trendy, sometimes dirty, but never intimidating hug. I love this place and I would love to introduce you to it, and find ways to make you appreciate its many faces. To me the experience of a city does not only consist of what you see with your eyes, but also (and sometimes especially) the food you eat, the drinks you have, the people you meet, and the places that, despite the distance, make you feel like home. This is what I want to share with you. I wasn‘t born here, but I’ve felt at home since the very beginning, and it would be such a pleasure to know I have contributed to make someone else feel that way.


English, Italian, German

My Interests

I've studied art and cinema theory, so I guess those interests are pretty obvious. Anyway, I'm not a, I've always lived in Kreuzberg or Neukölln, and there's something truly fascinating about their crow, I do modern dance. Not a pro, but I enjoy it very much., Aperitivo is a tradition that I love, but it's not a thing in Berlin. Luckily wine bars are usually , I think dogs are the best.

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My most exciting things to do in Berlin

Exciting things to do in Berlin: where do I even start? This city has something for any kind of interest, and constantly makes you find new ones. Art lovers have plenty of choice. Have a stroll in the district of Mitte and see ist numerous art galleries, if you want to know what’s new in the contemporary art scene, or visit the expositions at Hamburger Bahnhof, a beautiful ex train station now key contemporary art museum. Few cities have a history as peculiar, painful and at the same time fascinating as Berlin. The historical museums are among my personal favorites. See the Tränenpalast (Palace of Tears) to know what it was like to go through the endless and often frightening security checks to cross the West-East Berlin border. Learn about german history at the Deutsches Historisches Museum, at the DDR Museum and countless others. Enough culture for today? Relax in the cozy cafès of Prenzlauer Berg, and if you’re tired of the same old H&M/Zara/Mango crap, check out the beautiful boutiques in this area, in Mitte, in Kreuzberg and in Friedrichshain. Low on loot? Come see the countless flea markets, second hand and (sometimes affordable) vintage shops the city has to offer! Feeling hungry yet? There’s more than curry wurst and pommes. I personally love to just go to Kantstrasse and let myself be inspired by a new restaurant every time. This street has the highest concentration of asian restaurants and bistros, known for their authenticity, good quality and fair prices. And if that’s not your thing, excellent German, Turkish, Italian and experimental cuisine restaurants are there for you too. As for the nightlife, I think there’s no better place in Europe. I love the cool and yet very laid back atmosphere of bars in the Neukölln area, where a decent drink is still affordable and will always put you in a good mood. I recently discovered a bunch of really nice wine bars, and realized Berlin is so much more than a beer city. And if you want to party, I guess everyone knows by now, you are definitely in the right place; try and find another town with such a wide choice of clubs with affordable and enjoyable events every night. Party animals will have a hard time leaving the club in the morning. … and this is nothing! You have to come and see it yourself. I’m sure everyone feels the same way about their city, but trust me, whether I’m in town, or visiting the outskirts, or spending a day at the lake in summer, there’s no place like Berlin.

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1 hr
Perfect for advice or a short exploration
  • Meet your Local Host for a coffee anywhere in the city or at your hotel and get advice on things to do and see during your stay
  • Explore a small area or street of the city to get insider insights and advice from your Local Host
2 hr
Perfect for exploring a small area of the city
  • Explore a mainstream area of the city to see the main tourist sites but also to discover hidden gems that most tourists miss
  • Discover an "off the beaten path" area of the city loved by locals and get a feel for what makes the city so special
3 hr
-4 hr
Perfect for exploring a larger area of the city or an in-depth discovery of smaller area
  • Visit some of the main tourist sites, get insider insights from your Local Host and discover hidden gems along the way
  • Focus on a specific neighbourhood or larger area of the city, discover its streets and places locals frequent and get a real insight into what really makes the city beat
  • Explore an area of the city that offers interesting things to see and do day and night and stop for a drink at some of the best bars along the way
  • Visit a child friendly area of the city and have time for the kids to run around and explore any interesting shops and attractions. Get advice from your Local Host on child friendly places to eat and visit during your stay
5 hr
-6 hr
Perfect for exploring 2 or 3 areas of the city
  • See all or most of the main tourist sites in different locations of the city, stop for a drink or quick lunch at a cafe or restaurant recommended by your Local Host and based on what you like, get insider insights and discover hidden gems along the way
  • Mix it! Visit some of the main tourist sites and then go off to explore an off the beaten path neighbourhood loved by locals. Stop for a drink or quick lunch along the way
  • Choose a theme such as food discovery, best markets, vintage shopping, music scene, trendy scene, history, art etc and let your Local Host plan an outing across several areas of the city covering the best of your chosen theme
7 hr
-8+ hr
Perfect for spending a day experiencing the best of what the city has to offer based on your interests
  • Give your Local Host a list of all the places you want to visit and things you want to do and let him/her plan an outing that makes the most of your time including organising tickets to attractions etc.
  • See all the main tourist sites in different locations of the city, stop for lunch at a cafe or restaurant recommended by your Local Host, have time to pop into any shops, galleries or places of interest along the way, get insider insights and discover hidden gems
  • Mix it! Visit the main tourist sites and then go off to explore one or more off the beaten path neighbourhoods loved by locals. Stop for lunch or dinner and drinks along the way