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    5 Amazing Foods You Must Try In Amsterdam

    By Huanhuan Guo

    February 5, 2020

    5 Amazing Foods You Must Try In Amsterdam

    Spoiler alert: this is not about popular Dutch cuisine such as stroopwafels, herrings or the most common Amsterdam food everyone would recommend you to try. If you’re in the mood to try something alternative during your next trip to Amsterdam, check out my handpicked selection of the things you should try at least - although once probably won’t be enough. And yes, they are all loved by the locals and are still ‘Dutch enough’ for you to brag about! So here it is, your very own Amsterdam food tour - and since it’s a DIY job, you can eat as much as you want of these not so traditional, but still Dutch cuisine!

    The Best Chocolate Cookies... Ever!

    Chocolate Cookies


    People often say do one thing, and do it well. That’s what Van Stapele Koekmakerij is all about. They only sell one kind of cookie: chocolate, but this must try food in Amsterdam is not your average chocolate cookie, I think it’s the best in the Netherlands! The owners had a dream of creating the perfect cookie recipe, and after trays and trays of cookies went in and out of the oven, one cold Dutch winter evening, they found the one they were longing for: a high-quality chocolate dough full of rich Valrhona cocoa with the silky melted white chocolate filling. All the cookies are freshly baked throughout the day, there’s always a queue but you won’t regret the time spent waiting because you will be sampling one of the best foods in Amsterdam, especially if you get to eat them when they are still deliciously warm!




    Eating liquorice is like visiting New York, either you love it or hate it but regardless, it is still an important part of Dutch cuisine and a must try food in Amsterdam. It has such a distinct taste that locals say it reminds them of the old times. To experience this nostalgic feeling, you need to go to Het Oud-Hollandsch Snoepwinkeltje in Jordaan. It’s an old traditional Dutch candy shop where you can find all kinds of liquorice, from sweet to salty, hard to soft, together with some other traditional sweets you don’t find easily these days. Most importantly, the owner Mariska sells them in the way her granny did: you get your candies wrapped in a classic brown paper bag! Give it a try, and maybe one day, this taste will remind you of your time in the Netherlands and the delicious Amsterdam food.

    Amazing Dutch Ice Cream

    Ice Cream


    Italians might get offended, but the ice cream from the Dutch ice cream shop IJscuypje is as good as gelato or even better! Thanks to the fresh milk from happy Dutch cows, the exotic fruits delivered from Brazil and other parts of the world, IJscuypje serves some of the best foods in Amsterdam and it will bring you pure happiness with no efforts. It’s not only the irresistible taste which makes this place popular, but also the varieties and natural ingredients of the ice cream; or take their sorbet, it’s made of 60% pure fruits, delicious and healthy! For yogurt lovers, don’t miss out on the yogurt ice cream prepared from fresh Dutch farm yogurt. It’s low sugar plus low fat, so no need to feel guilty while you’re eating this creamy Amsterdam food choice all day!

    Coffee "The Wrong Way"



    Unexpected, right? You might wonder, since when are the Dutch specialized in coffee? Koffie Verkeerd is not the most distinctive coffee you could taste in the world but definitely a must if you are sampling Dutch cuisine. The funny part is, Koffie Verkeerd actually means ‘wrong coffee’; it’s the Dutch version of a caffè latte or café au lait; usually these would contain a dash of milk but Koffie Verkeerd is most commonly served as an espresso with a lot more steamed milk and frothy foam than you’d normally get in a latte. If you are planning an Amsterdam food tour and if you like a playful coffee with a lot of milk, go to Back to Black and order your first Dutch ‘wrong coffee’, and one of their cakes baked from secret recipes to go with it! As the owners say: thank you for being addicted!

    Dutch Macarons


    In Amsterdam, food is an important part of our culture and that includes the delicious sweet treats, as you’ve probably noticed by now! And who doesn’t love macarons? Dutch macarons might not be as fancy as the French ones, also because they are bigger in size, but macarons in Dutch Homemade are too colorful and tasty to skip. This is the first store in Amsterdam which offers a wide range of macarons, from the fresh lemon to the special flavour matching the colour of the Dutch flag. The enthusiasm and passion of the bakers make all the macarons extra delicious, so you’ll cherish every single one of these delightful Amsterdam food bites as your last.

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