Top 10 Things to do in Brussels at Night


Content page entry image Fuse

Fuse has been my favourite club for years and is one of the landmarks of the Brussels nightlife area. Fuse have been creating the best club nights since the beginning of techno music and are well-known as one of the best .There is a crazy atmosphere inside; there’s a huge dancefloor and rows of strobe lights, every night here feels like the biggest party you’ve been to! Lots of famous DJ’s play here, they have to work hard to earn a spot at Fuse. The best day to come here is Saturday but there are also special events held on some Fridays with celebrity guests. Locals and visitors swarm to this place, so make sure to get there before 11 if you want to avoid queues! If you’re looking for a fun night out, be sure to spend some time here while you’re in Brussels!



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Content page entry image Tomorrowland

One of the most adventurous things to do in Brussels is to go to Tomorrowland. The world’s biggest electronic festival, tickets for Tomorrowland are always sold out in under 5 minutes - my friends around the world always ask me to get their tickets for them! Held just outside Brussels, 400,000 people flock here every year to see the best techno DJ’s and party with their friends. There are amazing light shows and performers that make you feel like you’re at a party for the whole weekend! Electronic music began in Belgium and Tomorrowland is a way to celebrate our favourite genre. There is camping available in a special site called ‘Dreamville’ where you can make like-minded friends and bond over your music tastes. I have been to the festival a few times and I love it, so try to get tickets for the craziest weekend of your life!

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Mirano Continental

Content page entry image Mirano Continental

If you’re looking for a fun night out in Brussels, Mirano Continental has it all. With a revolving dance floor, you and your friends can get your evening off to a groovy start. With a mix of Electro. House, Latino, RnB and themed nights running throughout the week, there is something for everyone in this club. You really get the local experience here; well-loved and frequented by Brussels residents, local DJ’s often take to the stage and create some of the most memorable evenings.  Set in a former cinema, the Mirano also features podiums with accompanying light shows where your group can hold your own dance competitions! Mirano Continental some of the best Brussels evening entertainment for anyone looking for a fun night in town.

Madame Moustache

Content page entry image Madame Moustache

Madame Moustache also features some of the best Brussels evening entertainment. This cosy dancing bar is laid out like a retro American saloon and plays a mixture of 50’s rock and roll, soul and funk. This is a great place to have a Belgian beer and a dance with your friends for a relaxed and fun-filled evening. There are always a lot of parties with DJ’s held here and everyone wears a mix of vintage and modern clothes, it’s a really unique place. You’ll find it in Sainte-Catherine (one of the best Brussels nightlife areas) and it’s a great place to come during the week when some of the other bars are closed, every night is lively in here!

Le Bazaar

Content page entry image Le Bazaar

Le Bazaar is a unique clubbing experience found only in Brussels. Found in the centre of Les Marroles (the antique area of the city) this underground nightclub is set out like a modern cave, electrified with colourful neon lights. Every night different DJ’s play deep house and create exciting light shows that keep you dancing for hours on end. There is a really cool atmosphere in here that is also surprisingly calm; it feels like you’re unwinding and partying hard at the same time! It’s a great place to have a drink with friends, dance to some beats and connect with people through the music, be sure to add this one to your list.

La Tentation

Content page entry image La Tentation

La Tentation is a fantastic venue for a Friday night in the centre. This vintage bar encompasses some of the best things to do in Brussels nightlife; dancing, enjoying music and drinking good beer. This is another great place for a local experience of our city; us Brussels natives love to come here to let loose after a long day at work. La Tentation offer group dancing lessons every night where you and your friends can learn salsa, western, indie hop…the list goes on! It’s so fun to try a new style of dance with a bunch of beginners, it’s all about having fun, not being perfect! Even if you’re not the dancing type, you can have a Belgian craft beer and enjoy the light-hearted atmosphere that always fills this place.

Saint Boniface

Content page entry image Saint Boniface

Saint Boniface is my favourite residential area of the city and is one of the great Brussels nightlife areas. This is the African quarter of Brussels; it has narrow cobblestoned streets, lots of restaurants and exotic shops; I like this neighbourhood a lot. While you’re here, grab some African food from one of the restaurants that line Rue Longue Vie and head to Sounds for some evening entertainment. This jazz club features live performances from local and international artists as well as cocktails and delicious Italian dishes (if you’re not full from earlier!). There is a really chilled atmosphere in here; it’s a great place to relax with your friends. Don’t worry about travelling to the suburbs at night; Brussels has impeccable night safety and there are night buses, taxis and Ubers available everywhere in the city.


Content page entry image Delirium

This place encompasses one of the main reasons people come to Brussels; to try our delicious craft beer. Delirium is the world record holder of ‘most beers offered’ with over 2000 types available!  The warm glow of the lanterns will invite you in from the street and you’ll be greeted a sea of beer surrounding you. If you feel overwhelmed by choice, speak to one of the staff. The pourers are specially trained and can recommend the perfect beer for your palette. Pull up a chair by the kegs and enjoy some live Belgian music. This is another great place to go for a casual drink with friends, especially at the beginning of the week when some of the older breweries are closed.

You Nightclub

Content page entry image You Nightclub

You is often described as the trendiest nightclub in Belgium. A favourite of students, this club is famed for its exciting nights. A huge dance floor with two stories and balconies looking over the main room makes it feel like one giant party. They play all the latest hits in here so it’s great if you need a break from the techno and house that Belgium is known for. You is best visited on a Saturday night when the weekend is in full swing and the place is at its busiest. Ideal for anyone who loves to dance, unwind and party hard here for a night you won’t forget.

Moeder Lambic

Content page entry image Moeder Lambic

Moeder Lambic is one of the most popular breweries in the city and a great place to spend a relaxing evening with friends. Specialising in Brussels craft beer, you can get a real taste of the city here. You can also experience hundreds of years of Belgian culture by trying the country’s traditional gueuze. Originally brewed by monks, the beer is dark and heavy as it needed to act as a drink as well as a meal in order for them to survive. If you’ve never tried it, it needs to be on your list. Moeder Lambic hold regular themed events on the weekends including DJ nights and live music performances which make for some really memorable evenings. Be sure to have a look at their calendar in advance!