Where To Stay In Budapest - Best Neighborhoods Guide

Updated: 13 February 2020

Budapest is a city which seems to be a little moody at first, but it is simply part of its charm.. Once you’ve been to Budapest, you can never forget this city; its architecture, culture, strange traditions, stories, and spicy and delicious food. With so many choices of Budapest neighborhoods to explore, you might be wondering which are the best areas to stay in Budapest. Comprised of 23 districts, each varying from the other, Budapest’s diverse neighborhoods make it a fascinating city to explore. Whether it is the cultural jewels and museums that are on your Budapest checklist, or meandering through the best places to eat and drink, the Hungarian capital has got you covered. The city is a mishmash of cultures;you’ll find secrets of gritty yet grand Hungarian architecture hiding alongside modern contemporary structures, rolling hills that are home to the medieval Buda Castle and well-heeled residential neighborhoods. Wondering where to stay in Budapest? The city has something for everyone, from peaceful and historic, to the quirky and lively, so check out this Budapest neighborhood guide to figure out what's best for you.

5th District - Belváros aka Downtown

Content page entry image 5th District - Belváros aka Downtown

Budapest’s 5th District is basically the heart of town on the Pest side (Buda and Pest were two separate cities until 1873). It’s very convenient to get to, and this Budapest neighborhood is easy to get around on foot. Everything about it is magical and everything you need is right on your doorstep. Belváros means downtown in Hungarian and is a long area running along the Danube. Home to some of the city’s most popular and most impressive attractions such as the Hungarian Parliament Building, St Stephen’s Basilica, Shoes on the Danube monument, and the Chain Bridge, Belváros welcomes you to Budapest with elegance and charm. The overall vibe here is fancy; think beautiful upscale boulevards, pretty squares and loads of restaurants and cafés to enjoy. One of the best neighborhoods in Budapest, the 5th District is not to be missed for those seeking classy in the city. 

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7th District - Erzsébetváros

Content page entry image 7th District - Erzsébetváros

If you’re looking for the liveliest and best area to stay in Budapest for nightlife, the 7th District is the right place for you. Also known as the city’s Jewish District and home to plenty of cool bars and vibrant clubs where you can don your dancing shoes and party the night away, Erzsébetváros is the smallest, but also the most populous district in the city. Once the sun sets, the area is alive with nightlife lovers. If that’s not your thing, this Budapest neighborhood is also home to a number of cultural sights, such as the must-see Dohány Street Synagogue and the Zeller Bistro neighborhood restaurant. Abundant in restaurants and cool food experiences, you’ll be spoilt for choice here. The local, middle Eastern-inspired food spot Mazel Tov has a fairy tale vibe where you can eat under a canopy of fairy lights; hands down one of the most awesome things to do in Budapest

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6th District - Terézvaros

Content page entry image 6th District - Terézvaros

A convenient area to stay in Budapest, the centrally located 6th district has a split personality. The interesting divide means there’s something for everyone when it comes to finding a place to stay. Home to the stately leafy boulevard of Andrássy Avenue, often considered to be the Champs-Élysées of Budapest, wandering through the Terézvaros streets you can find the Hungarian State Opera, pretty architecture, and upscale shops and cafés. Just a few blocks away reveals a distinct difference; think gritty Hungarian streets lined with derelict and unkempt buildings. Wondering where to stay in Budapest? Keep an eye out for places with this prime location in downtown Budapest around Andrássy Avenue, the Opera House, and Liszt Ferenc tér. 

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13th District - Újlipótváros

Content page entry image 13th District - Újlipótváros

What draws many to Budapest’s 13th district is Margit Sziget (Margaret Island); a lovely, large island park in the Danube. Home to an island of peaceful gardens, a mini zoo, a water park and Alfréd Hajós sports pool, a musical fountain and a running track, the district is a popular spot with locals. The relaxed, residential vibe presents a different side to Budapest and places to live are often snapped up pretty quickly. The traditional home of the Jewish population has a chilled and inviting atmosphere, and is home to the Vígszínház (Comedy Theatre), the Budapest Pinball Museum and the RaM Colosseum theatre. Be sure to check out the Garmada Önkiszolgáló Bolhapiac (flea-market), Budapest Jazz Club, Szent István park, the Danube promenade from Pozsonyi út to the Duna Aréna or the Hungarian Railway Museum, as well as many of the area’s hidden gems. One of the best neighborhoods in Budapest, the Újlipótváros is not to be missed when contemplating where to stay in Budapest. 

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