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    Top 10 Local Things to do In Budapest

    By Maria Morozova

    February 13, 2020

    Top 10 Local Things to do In Budapest

    Budapest is a vibrant cultural capital with astounding natural beauty, which means even if you’ve spent most of your life in local Budapest, you get the best of both worlds with beautiful landscapes as well as a buzzing metropolitan life. I love calling this wonderful place my home and have made a point to track down all the fun things to do in Budapest. What stands out are the traces left behind by the many different people and epochs that have lived here. From the ancient Romans to Ottomans and Austrian Habsburgs, as well as several decades of a communist regime, each brings another layer to the city’s rich culture. There are many things to do in this vibrant city but here are my top 10 things to do in Budapest. 

    Hello, curious traveler!
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    Hello, curious traveler!
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