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    The Best Tokyo Tours Package - City Unscripted

    By Nick Whitfield

    March 23, 2023

    The Best Tokyo Tours Package - City Unscripted

    When planning a trip to the vibrant city of Tokyo, it's important to get the most out of your experience. Tokyo offers many unique experiences for tourists, some more commonly known, as well as many attractions that only a local can help you find. Sure, you can choose to explore the city on your own, but you may miss out on many fun and exciting attractions. 

    the city on your own, but you may miss out on many fun and exciting attractions. 
    One of the best ways to discover Tokyo is through a tour package, and City Unscripted is your ultimate resource for Japan tours. Offering unique experiences that cater to a wide range of interests, City Unscripted ensures there's something enjoyable for just about anyone. Whether you're seeking an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine or a leisurely stroll through cherry blossom viewings, City Unscripted has the perfect tour for you. Additionally, if you're up for an adventurous exploration, consider Tokyo bicycle tours—an option you can explore by asking your local host for some recommendations

    • Key Takeaways
    • Fun Facts About Tokyo
    • Walking Tours
    • What Else is There to Do in Tokyo?
    • Additional Information

    Key Takeaways

    - A Tokyo tour package is a great way to experience the city, being guided by a local host. 

    - Tokyo tour packages include sightseeing, food tours, and day trips to surrounding towns. 

    - Most tour packages include walking tours, where you immerse yourself with locals, guided by your tour host.

    Fun Facts About Tokyo

    - The city of Tokyo was originally named Edo.

    - Tokyo is the world's most populated metropolitan area. 

    - Tokyo's unofficial flower is the cherry blossom.

    Walking Tours

    Private guide and tourists embarking on a walking tour,

    City Unscripted's tours are walking tours, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the city and get an authentic feel for how it is to live and walk the streets as a local. These walking tours range from a couple of hours to a full day, depending on your selected Japan tour. Some tours reside in the bustling food district of Tokyo, while others take you on a short trip to visit a famous hot spring resort.

    Each tour can be customized to include any important stops you wish to see.

    Your gracious host takes you on a journey of discovering what makes Tokyo special, answering any questions you have along the way, and educating you on the city’s and country’s beautiful history.

    View Mount Fuji from Lake Ashi in Hakone, Japan

    Mount Fuji

    Mt. Fuji is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, drawing in tourists year-round. This beautiful landmark is located in central Honshu, Japan, and can be seen by many of the surrounding towns. The mountain is the country's highest peak and a sight. You don't have to go mountain climbing to enjoy the scenic view of this landmark; you can take a tour of Kawaguchiko, Tokyo's neighboring city, and get a closer look at the mountain. Your hosts arrange a train ride from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko, where you can unwind in the local hot spring.

    While viewing Mt. Fuji is a spectacular experience, this tour package includes a few other stops. Watch art in motion at the Itchiku Kubota Art, where ancient fabric dying practices still take place today. There's also a local museum, the Omuro Sengen Shrine, a traditional tea house located atop Mount Tenno, and an authentic sake-tasting experience available for you to choose from. If Mt. Fuji is on your bucket list, there's no better way to experience it than joining this 10-hour Kawaguchi tour package. This tour is available for solo travelers, pairs, or small groups of up to 8 people.

    Cherry blossom tree

    Cherry Blossom Viewing

    Tokyo is famous for its cherry blossom season, which occurs during the last weeks of March into early April. During this time, practically wherever you go, you're sure to find cherry blossoms sprinkled throughout the city’s natural landscape. Parks, temples, and beautiful Japanese gardens are the most common cherry blossom viewing locations. If you're looking for a romantic experience on your next trip to Tokyo, consider joining a cherry blossom tour.

    On tour, your guide takes you to the best spots to view these blossoms. This season is one of the busiest times of the year, so it's important to know where to view these trees without other tourists overcrowding. You want to find a nice place to enjoy the beauty of these flowers, where you can relax and take in the magic they carry. On this tour, you also visit a local depachika.

    A depachika is an underground food hall in the basement of department stores.

    These eateries have many delicious and unique dishes for you to try. After that, your host sets up a picnic in the park, creating a relaxing space for you to connect with your guide, ask any questions you have about Tokyo, and get guidance on where you should visit next throughout the city.

    Local Cuisine

    Tokyo's cuisine is one of the highlights of your trip. City Unscripted offers various small group tours dedicated to exploring Tokyo’s best food.


    Traditional Japanese Sushi

    When you think of Japanese food, what's the first food you think of? For many, this food is sushi. You can find sushi all over the world, but nothing quite compares to the authentic sushi found in the heart of Tokyo. There are many types of sushi and unique ways to prepare it, enough to satisfy your taste buds for the duration of your trip. Finding sushi in Tokyo is easy, but finding the best sushi spots can be challenging for tourists. That's why adding a sushi tour to your Tokyo vacation packages is a great way to embrace one of the country's most famous dishes. 

    Consider joining a sushi-tasting tour through City Unscripted on your next Japan trip. On tour, you have the chance to try between six to eight dishes while stopping at four unique sushi eateries. Your local guide takes you to the best places to enjoy high-quality sushi while helping you navigate the menus. Tokyo offers anywhere from luxurious restaurants and 8-seater sushi shops to conveyor belt sushi restaurants where you experience true Japanese history.

    General Food Tasting

    Traditional Japanese street food, Japan

    While sushi is essential to Japanese food culture, the city offers many more dishes. It's important to eat like a local while visiting the city, eating local favorites and not solely sticking to the more common dishes you may already be familiar with. There are many food tour packages, but nothing quite compared to the Eat Like a True Tokyoite tour.

    On tour, your guide takes you on a food-loving adventure through the best spots in Tokyo. You'll stop at an izakaya in central Tokyo, casual bars in lantern-lit alleyways that offer many famous dishes for small gatherings or a quick snack after work.

    Your host may also take you to a depachika, referenced earlier in the article, or to a standing bar called tachinomiya. If you're interested in taste-testing many unique dishes and flavors and learning about the cultural history behind Tokyo's cuisine, this food tour is just for you!

    Explore Akihabara and it's hidden gems


    There are plenty of options to choose from while sightseeing in Tokyo. Gaming and manga enthusiasts will enjoy exploring Akihabara, Tokyo's pop-culture paradise. Here, you'll visit unique shops and giant game arcades and even stop by a few mega stores and uniquely themed cafes. While none of these are necessarily natural landmarks, they are all an exciting way to experience an important sub-culture in Tokyo.

    City Unscripted also offers an 8-hour tour of the top 10 tourist attractions. Your guide takes you to the modern district of Shibuya and the famous crossing area, Meiji Jingu shrine, Yoyogi Park, Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens, and many other must-see places.

    What Else is There to Do in Tokyo?

    Outside of tours, there are also plenty of experiences for you to have while visiting Tokyo. 

    - Tokyo Tower - a famous landmark in the city, the Tokyo tower is over 1,000 feet tall. The tower is a communication center allowing visitors to take an elevator up to the observation decks. Enjoy the scenic view of Tokyo from the height of the tower. 

    - Tokyo Disneyland - Tokyo also has its very own Disney Land! This is the perfect attraction for family members of all ages to see a few familiar faces, take a spin on a few rides, and try the delicious food offerings at Disney. 

    - Imperial Palace - the residence of Japan's emperor. While the main grounds aren't usually open to tourists, you can request a private tour of some aspects of the palace. Even so, simply visiting the location of the Imperial Palace is enough to be in awe of Japanese culture and history. 

    - Shinto Shrine - there are many of these shrines located throughout Tokyo. A Shinto shrine is a sacred structure used to worship and welcome the deities of the Shinto religion. The Meiji shrine, Yasukuni-jinja shrine, and Daijingu shrine are all notable stops to make while visiting these sacred spaces on your trip. 

    - Bullet Train - take a trip to a destination around Tokyo. Bullet train trips are available for events ranging from sumo tournaments to visiting Hakone or Kawaguchi. Bullet traits are also great if you're looking to take a quick trip to northern or southern Japan. 

    - Tokyo Skytree - similar to the Tokyo tower, this broadcasting tower is Tokyo's main tower and the tallest tower in the world. Here, you'll find an even greater observation deck for viewing the cityscape. 

    Additional Information

    Best Tokyo tours package, traditional Japanese food

    Once you've chosen your tour package, you can select the time and date of your experience. You'll be in contact with your guide, which can then provide any important information about you or your group. If you have any dietary restrictions and are selecting a food tour, it's important to alert your guide beforehand so they can carefully craft an experience that fits your needs.

    Many of these tours are primarily on your feet. If you require any special accommodations, your guide can help arrange a specific meeting point or public transportation at an additional cost.

    On tour, you have the opportunity to ask questions, receive guidance, and gain a better understanding of what you're experiencing while in Tokyo. Whether you're a solo traveler or traveling with others, having a local guide enriches your experience by helping you make sense of all the new and exciting experiences available for you on this trip. 

    Each tour package explains exactly what you can expect throughout the experience, such as the duration of the tour, where you'll stop along the way, and whether it includes any food or drink offerings. Of course, you have a full range to have a bite to eat or stop at a specific store along the way, even if it's not on the itinerary; this experience is meant for you to have the best time possible while exploring all of Tokyo's unique districts. 

    Many tours are only a few hours, packing enough experience into a short period of time. This allows you more time to experience other areas of Tokyo and even join another tour before your trip ends!

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