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    Tokyo Tours: Everything You Need to Know

    By Nick Whitfield

    March 31, 2023

    Tokyo Tours: Everything You Need to Know

    Tokyo, Japan, is a busy, vibrant, and exciting city full of beautiful landscapes, futuristic technology, and creative sub-cultures that attract tourists worldwide. Regardless of the time of year, Tokyo is an excellent choice for your next travel destination. Whether you're a foodie, looking for a luxury shopping experience, or interested in viewing cherry blossoms during their peak, there are plenty of experiences in Tokyo for you to enjoy.

    Tokyo is an excellent city for solo travelers or anyone traveling in a group. Of course, if you've never been to Japan or speak the language, there will be a bit of a barrier when trying to navigate the city. One of the best ways to overcome these obstacles is by joining a guided tour while on your trip. On tour, your local guide educates you on the rich Japanese culture and history everywhere, from food to historical districts, keeping you informed along your journey. Guided tours are an excellent way to explore the city without getting lost or disorganized.

    If you're considering traveling to Tokyo, or have an upcoming trip and looking for ways to explore the city, booking a tour with City Unscripted allows you the freedom of coming to Japan, knowing you'll be in the best company.

    Tokyo Food Tours

    Tokyo Food Tours

    Joining a food tour while in Tokyo is one of the best ways to get a taste of the city's cuisine. Try delicious ramen, fresh tuna sushi rolls, matcha tea, udon, tempura, soba, yakisoba, and karaage.

    Sushi lovers will enjoy the sushi tour available on City Unscripted. Take a tour of your guide's favorite sushi spots in Tokyo. Your guide creates an itinerary that takes you to multiple sushi atmospheres and eateries that offer a wide range of sushi and other delicious foods for you to try. 

    If you're looking for more than just sushi, City Unscripted has you covered. The Eat Like a True Tokyoite tour provides a general food-tasting experience guided by a local resident. Your guide takes you to some of the best places in Tokyo to give you a well-rounded, authentic feel for what makes Japanese food excellent. Many of the eateries you'll visit are izakaya, which are casual bars in Japan. These spots are famous for their delicious foods and great beverages and for providing space for great conversation among guests. 

    While eating out in Tokyo, it's important to note that there isn't really a tipping culture, much like in other areas of the world. The wait staff and restaurant employees are paid a wage that isn't dependent on tips, and many people will turn down any efforts to do so. 

    Hidden Gems of Tokyo Tours

    Hidden Gems of Tokyo Tours

    Tokyo is full of hidden gems that many tourists overlook due to their lack of knowledge of the city's offerings. With the help of a local guide, your itinerary is curated to create the ultimate experience for you while avoiding tourist traps when possible. If you have a particular type of attraction you want to experience on your trip to Tokyo, your host can point you in the right direction. City Unscripted offers a Best Kept Secrets tour where a guide takes you to the more unknown attractions of the city, where you become immersed in local culture. 

    Don't be afraid to ask your host about more common tourist stops, such as the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower, the Tsukiji Fish Market, Shibuya crossing, or the Tokyo Skytree; even though these are a little more common than other destinations, they are surely a sight to see and a great way to spend your tour!

    The best-hidden gems can only be found with the help of a local, and even more so with the help of a local tour guide. Not only will you find unknown stops, but they also help you navigate the bustling city of Tokyo, which can be quite confusing without proper knowledge of the area. 

    City Unscripted offers a Stranger than Fiction tour where you embark on an adventure into the weirder side of Tokyo. This is one of the best tours for anyone who enjoys cosplaying, wacky cafes, or Japanese subcultures. 

    If you're a gamer, anime, or manga lover, join the Geek out in Akihabara tour, where a local guide takes you to huge arcades, electronics megastores, themed shops, and unique cafes. Tell your guide ahead of time what your special interests are and see if they can find a themed cafe or a specific store that features them!

    Who Can Join a Tokyo Travel Tour?

    Who Can Join a Tokyo Travel Tour?

    City Unscripted encourages anyone and everyone to book a Tokyo tour! If you're a solo traveler, don't worry. These tours are private and available for singles. Booking a solo tour allows you to have a more personalized experience, lets you go at your own pace, as well as allows for more time to connect and network with your host. If you're traveling and feel like socializing, booking a food tour or a short sightseeing tour is an excellent option to get you outside and enjoy everything Tokyo has to offer. 

    If you're traveling in a pair, joining a tour allows you both to bond over the exciting experiences of the city and get to know your guide along the way. For any pair traveling in late March to early April, a cherry blossom tour is a wonderful way to spend your trip. Walk through Tokyo's best blossom viewing destinations, learn about the history and culture behind these trees, and even have a picnic in the park to enjoy the natural beauty. 

    Traveling with kids? No problem! Consider joining the Child's Play tour, where you and your children may stop at attractions like the Edo-Tokyo Museum, the Tokyo Aquarium, Alice in Wonderland Cafe, or any other child-friendly stops your guide chooses! 

    Next Steps

    The next step is to book your first Tokyo Tour with City Unscripted. Review the available tour offerings, and check in with your group to see which sounds the most fun. If you can't decide, don't be afraid to book multiple tours while you're in the city. Whether you're staying in central Tokyo or any other area of the city, City Unscripted works with you on where to meet and what attractions to see and makes sure you spend the duration of your tour immersed in Japanese culture. 

    When selecting a tour, you can choose the specific date you're looking for as well as the time of day, which is optional. This makes it easy for you to find time on your trip to join a tour without having to meet strict tour times or guidelines. Always read through what's included in each tour, and bring any necessary items, such as a drink or snacks, if your tour doesn't include these in the experience. 

    You don't need to know Japanese to have the ultimate experience in Tokyo. With the help of a local guide through City Unscripted, you can dive straight into the city, explore the local cuisine, see beautiful landscapes, and experience the city through Tokyo's hidden and sometimes strange side to make this one of your most memorable trips yet!


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