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    Best Places To Eat Dim Sum In Hong Kong - Recommended By A Local

    February 17, 2020

    Best Places To Eat Dim Sum In Hong Kong - Recommended B

    Experiencing the culture of Yum Cha and eating authentic dim sum are on most people’s 'to do list’ when they’re visiting Hong Kong. But even for the locals, the number of dim sum restaurants are just too many to choose from! Not sure which restaurant to choose, or how and what to order, right?  So, here’s four of the best dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong for people who are looking for something authentic, traditional, different and convenient.



    Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓)

    Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓)

    The Lin Heung Tea House takes the lead because there are no other places like it when it comes to having the 100% Hong Kong Style of Yum Cha. It was established in 1926, so it’s one of the oldest tea houses in Hong Kong. They haven’t changed their set up and decoration one bit, and you can still see the original celling fans, birdcages and hand-written menus on the wall, so you’ll not only taste the most traditional dim sum, but also get a glimpse of the old Hong Kong. They insist on preserving traditions, like using dim sum carts which is a tradition barely seen nowadays at other local restaurants. The reason behind it would be the hope to hold on to the interaction with customers as much as they could, and having people gather around the carts and squeeze their way in to get the freshly made dim sum lives up to Hong Kong locals' enthusiastic reputations!

    160-164 Wellington Street, Central 

    (5-min walk from Exit E1, Sheung Wan MTR Station)


    Quail Egg Sui Mai, Malay Cake, Sweet Lotus Seed Bun, Roasted Duck Stuffed with Lotus Seed and Semen Coicis, Deep Fried Pe-Par Bean Curd, Winter MelonSoup with Assorted Meat and Vegetables, Steamed Chinese Sausages Roll, Crispy Lotus Root Patties, “Shark Fin” Dumplings 

    Luk Yu Tea House (陸羽茶室)

    Luk Yu Tea House (陸羽茶室)

    The Luk Yu Tea House is an elegant, beautiful Chinese tea house, first opened in 1933.  Apart from seeing their historic mahogany wood furniture and Chinese paintings, for me the highlight of this tea house is seeing how western culture influenced Hong Kong at that time - you can see stained glass on the wall, western restaurant booths and the arched door which blend in so beautifully with the rest of the decor! Therefore, you can see that at this period of time in Hong Kong, Chinese and western culture were starting to mix within Chinese society.

    And here in the Luk Yu Tea House, you’re still able to taste some traditional Chinese recipes which are believed to be “lost” in other people’s eyes and require so much effort to make because of their complexity. 

    G/F-3/F, 24 Stanley Street, Central 

    (3-min walk from Exit D2, Central MTR Station)


    Pork Lung Soup, Stuffed Pork liver Sui Mai, Egg York with Sesame Paste Bun, Crisp Chicken Stuffed with Glutinous Rice, Shrimp Toast, Grilled Yunnan Ham and Sliced Pigeon.

    Duen Kee Chinese Restaurant(端記茶樓)

    Duen Kee Chinese Restaurant(端記茶樓)

    If you’re looking for something really different, this outdoor dim sum restaurant is for you! Duen Kee Chinese Restaurant is located in a suburban area, away from the concrete jungle and skyscrapers, where the pace of life for locals is so much slower. Instead of busy streets, you’ll be surrounded by greenery and fresh air. What’s not to love about having some delicious dim sum and being in nature at the same time?  

    City Unscripted article image

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    You’d think, like at most Chinese restaurants, once you sit down everything will be taken care of from ordering tea to having your dim sum delivered to your table. However, this is not how this place rolls - no one will be there to serve you! Surprise! But this is a selling point for most of the locals - where else in Hong Kong would you find a buffet style dim sum restaurant? Every customer makes their own tea, from filling the teapot and adding hot water; and as for the dim sum? Grab what you like! They have their own watercress farm next door, so it’s not hard to imagine that their dim sum is made from the freshest ingredients. What’s more, if you’re interested in hiking, they’re perfectly located at the foot of the highest peak in Hong Kong – Tai Mo Shan.  So for local hikers, Duen Kee Chinese Restaurant is the spot where they come to fuel up before starting their hike.

    57-58 Chuen Lung Estate, Route Twisk, Tsuen Wan

    (Outdoor Car parking)

    SIGNATURE DISHES: Tofu Puding*, Traditional barbecue Goose, Rice Roll with Dried Shrimp, Steamed Chicken Bun, Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken in Lotus Leaf, Quail Egg Sui Mai

    *Available on Saturday and Sunday only.



    Dim Sum King(點心皇)

    Dim Sum King(點心皇)

    The last one but certainly not the least! Dim Sum King is open 24 hours a day, a life saver for any anyone who suddenly gets cravings for dim sum in the middle of the night! What makes it even better is that they also serve other local food, such as stir fried dishes, noodles, congee and so much more. So if you feel like dim sum but your friend doesn’t, no problem - there are still plenty of dishes to choose from. And for someone who doesn't always like to play by the books, being unconventional is the key! Here you can have Hong Kong style milk tea or lemon tea to go with your dim sum instead of traditional blends. 

    I have to say judging only from the outside, it may not strike you as a traditional Chinese restaurant like the others do. It’s because the place is more like a dim sum/Hong Kong style restaurant, but don’t let the appearance misguide you if you don’t want to miss anything delicious!

    G/F, 121 Electric Rd, Tin Hau

    (5-min walk from Exit A2, Tin Hau MTR Station)

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