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    Taipei Weather and When to Visit

    March 1, 2020

    Taipei Weather and When to Visit

    By Holly Jenson

    When booking your flights to Taiwan, it can be difficult to decide when to visit Taipei, the country’s vibrant capital. The combination of Chinese and Japanese culture has resulted in architectural wonders that should not be missed. With a sub-tropical climate without four distinct seasons, when is the best time to visit Taipei? Summer here is hot and humid and spring can offer some heavy rainfall! No matter the weather, this destination features endless amounts of things to do.

    Taipei weather is mild year-round but the humidity level can completely change the nature of your visit. It’s important to plan before kickstarting your trip! The summers are hot and overcast with the occasional tropical cyclone whereas the winters are cooler, partly cloudy and windy. Autumn marks the end of the typhoon season and the beginning of cooler temperatures and spring can be unpredictable in terms of rainfall. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 16 °C to 33°C.

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    Summers in Taipei are hot and humid due to heavy rainfall. Many avoid the area at this time of year as June-October marks the typhoon season. Thunderstorms have even been known to cause flooding in low-lying areas. During the summer temperatures can reach 35°C which makes the thought of hiking the nearby mountains unthinkable! However, this is also the off-peak season for visitors, making it much easier to find reduced-price accommodation. The lack of tourists also creates fairly empty streets, providing picture-perfect opportunities!

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    Things to do in Summer

    Although it may not be perfect hiking weather, there are plenty of things to do in Taipei in the summer. June marks the start of the City God Festival. The Xiahai City God Temple was built in 1856 has been the religious centre of the Dadaocheng area since. An important date on the lunar calendar, the Xiahai Chenghuang Cultural Festival recreates the annual celebration and ritual with a traditional ‘King’s Banquet’ and the evil-countering ‘Liang Huang Dharma Assembly’. Visit here to experience theatre performances, markets, exhibitions and workshops. Locals also hold guided tours of the temple to help provide an immersive cultural and historical experience of Taipei. Many also opt to explore the air-conditioned havens of Taipei City Mall and its designer shops to escape the humidity.


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    The Taipei climate features similar temperatures throughout day and night, there is no cooling effect in the evening. This makes it much more enjoyable to visit when it is less humid. October and November are the best months to visit Taipei in terms of weather. The average temperature in November is around 20°C which allows you to enjoy the surrounding hiking trails without getting too hot and explore the famous night markets without feeling cold. There are also more sunny days which will make the views from the top of Taipei 101 even more breath-taking!

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    Things to do in Autumn

    Autumn is the perfect time to visit the Yangminshan National Park to the north of the city. Featuring hot springs, hiking trails and the country’s largest dormant volcano, this is the ideal place to get in touch with nature. The mild temperatures of Autumn combined with the increase in sunshine produce breath-taking views across the valley without getting you too sweaty as you climb! September also marks Conficius’ birthday, a famous philosopher heavily respected in Taiwanese culture. Taipei celebrates this national holiday with a ceremony at Conficius Temple including dancing, musical performances and offerings of food and livestock. Attending this ceremony would allow you to really experience an important part of the city’s culture.

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    If you are not a fan of the rain you should consider December or January for your travels to Taipei. These are the driest months and increased sunshine allows for picturesque views across the city. Although these are also the coldest days, the temperature rarely drops below 10°C which means it is still comfortable enough to explore Taipei’s most famous sights.


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    Things to do in Winter

    Winter in Taipei is the ideal time to see the city sights. Enjoy unbeatable views from Taipei 101 across the magnificent skyline and take a tour of the traditional temples. The famous Taipei Lantern Festival is held yearly in January or February and is the event of the year. Thousands of people spill onto the streets in celebration of the new year as the lanterns create a sea of lights. However, beware that as this is a public holiday restaurants and shops may be closed. Be sure to stock up on the essentials! The lantern festival is a true spectacle that should not be missed.

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    Spring temperatures in Taipei are similar to Autumn at around 20°C, however, the amount of rain can be unpredictable. Some years spring can be perfect for travelling with showers being rare. Other times there are thunderstorms most days. Visiting during this season will always be a risk. Spring also marks the beginning of Cherry Blossom season which makes for the perfect walks in the rain!


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    Things to do in Spring

    It can be intimidating to try and plan what to do in Taipei when there is a risk of torrential rain. But do not fear, the locals are used to their unpredictable climate so there is never a lack of things to do! The spring can be a great time to discover Taipei’s diverse must-try foods. Markets stalls are always covered during wet weather, so you could easily spend hours wandering and experiencing traditional delicacies. There are also opportunities to truly discover Taipei culture when exploring the night markets with a local. Baosheng Cultural Festival is held every March/April and is a celebration of traditional folkdance and religion. The Bao’an Temple hosts a special ritual including a festive procession, Fire Lion firecrackers and a fire walking ritual. There are also folk opera and theatre performances as well as guided tours of ancient heritage sites. Spring is the ideal time of year to discover Taipei’s rich culture. 


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    So When is the Best Time to Visit Taipei, Taiwan?

    Whatever the weather, Taipei is home to many hidden gems just waiting to be uncovered. October and November are the best months to visit weather-wise. At a mild 20°C,you can enjoy the hiking trails and all the delights of the city without getting too hot and the sunshine creates the most amazing views. To experience all that Taipei has to offer in complete comfort, Autumn is the time to go!

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    Stopping over in Taipei?

    Here are the things you must experience when you have just a short time in this city!


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