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    How to sell your experience

    By María Fernanda Muñoz

    March 22, 2024

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    Any experience listed on City Unscripted will benefit from the mass traffic that visits the site every month looking for their next great travel experience. How do you ensure your experiences stay at the front of the queue when it comes to guest purchasing. We think there are a couple of good rules to follow which helps you go from strength to strength;

    List for other traffic

    As you build your experience remember, not all the guests will know of you and are swayed by your profile alone. It is important that your listing is refined and compelling to meet their needs at that moment and stands on its own. You can find out more about making your listing stand out with this article [LINK].

    Optimise for search

    Guests will search on the City Unscripted site for experiences that appeal to them. Ensure your experience is optimised for the search results page. Locations are accurately set, categories are up to date, keywords in place, images appealing and title clear.

    Additionally search turns up relevant content for the particular location, writing articles that we can link to these pages increases your screen real estate and chances that a guest will find your experience.

    Promotion blocks on profile page

    On each creator profile there are 4 promotion blocks, where these are linked to is your choice. Make sure they are visually appealing and up to date. You may wish to link to an experience, experience group or article. This is the place to highlight something to the guest that you think is important.

    City Unscripted article image

    Write articles or produce video

    External and internal search responds favourably to relevant content created by Creators. This can be written articles but also embedded video if you would prefer to create this media. Content that works well usually goes deep into a subject or location but does it in an engaging and fun way. Remember to always link to your experience.

    Share content

    Use your own community reach to share relevant content relating to your experiences. Or when you speak of a destination, remind your community that you have experiences available in that region. They trust you and value your know-how.

    Link in bio

    Include a link to your Creator profile in social media bios, this way no matter when, the guest can always find a link to the great experiences you create.
    Also, you may wish to create social media highlights or pins for your most preferred experiences. You never know when a member of your community will be looking to travel so make your content available.

    City Unscripted article image

    Experience types (off season)

    Guests travel at all times of the year, but naturally there are high and low seasons for this kind of activity. Think of this with your experience mix. Firstly, ensure you have experiences that are relevant and can be taken throughout the year. With this mix on your creator profile you can then choose the correct experience to speak about at the correct time giving you ultimate flexibility.

    Another thing to consider is having domestic market experiences, this way your community can purchase your experiences for weekend activities or gifts without having to travel. This leads to much more frequency.


    Experiences are available to be gifted via the website. This can be a powerful addition to your sales strategy especially around periods such as christmas, valentines day etc.

    We’re sure you will have many other ways to sell your experience, but shh keep them a secret and use them all for yourself.

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    Hello, curious traveler!
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