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    Making your experience listing stand out

    By María Fernanda Muñoz

    March 22, 2024

     All eyes on me

    Guests will find your experience either by visiting it directly, through your creator page or via the search listings. In each situation it is important that the listing is as exciting and compelling as possible to help the guest understand what they are buying and that it is the right thing for them.

    Here are a few tips we’ve learned over thousands of transactions to help your experience stand out;

    Tell a story with your title.

    Many experiences have a plain title that doesn’t offer an immediate impact (like the examples above). We suggest thinking creatively about your title and telling a very short story, make it different to others. At least the guest will get a good feeling for what your experience is about and want to find out more. Some of our favourite examples;

    “A Rome with a view. Conquering a fear of heights just got worth it!” - this title relates to an experience that takes in the high vistas of Rome and allows you to enjoy the spectacular views.

    “Skip the tourist traps, find the flavor traps: unleashing Mexico City’s Food secrets.” - this title relates to an experience that actively seeks out the unexplored food hot spots and treats the guest to a unique food experience.

    City Unscripted article image


    Images and videos can be powerful elements to your listing, these should be carefully considered and deliberate. Not chosen just to put something up. The best kind of imagery shows an experience being experienced. This sounds obvious but often we see lots of ‘standing around’ shots or ‘pointing at things’. These dont infer any sense of emotion or action to the guest. City Unscripted will help you edit your image grid to make it appealing but the image choices are down to you. Remember the guests will often want to see you in the images doing the experience to show its authenticity.

    All experiences can accommodate a profile video in the hero slot should you wish to produce something that explains the experience via video, this will also require a thumbnail.

    Some good image examples include;

    City Unscripted article image


    Your experience page has ample space to create a compelling listing, paint the picture of your experience with words that lean on your brand style and that you know will excite the guest. The key description areas to get right are the short description just underneath the experience title, this has to be swift and punchy in its delivery. Then you have the longer description at the top of the listing in which you can walk through the entire experience, succinctly and excitedly explaining what they can expect.

    Think of this as a sales description of your experience, not a step by step itinerary list, this wouldn't have the impact you want.

    Use your style

    The guest is looking to buy your experience because it takes advantage of your amazing know-how but also because they like you and your personality. This makes the guest feel comfortable that they will also like this experience created by you. Don’t stray from your brand style when building your assets, it's important that they feel like you and sell you and your knowledge.

    Minimum reviews

    Guests use reviews to provide comfort that the experience is running and meeting other guests needs. You can help kickstart your experience by talking directly about your new experiences on your community channels and providing this reassurance until you generate a good number of reviews (4+) on the experience page.
    Drive your community to your new experiences, encourage their purchase to get reviews on them straight away and then repeat for new experiences created.


    Set your price to be appealing but fair, remember it's important that you earn a desirable fee for the work you put in. Charging too little is a trap that is hard to come back from with future experiences.

    Shout out your community

    You can drive a lot of traffic and excitement around your experience by highlighting its creation but also by shouting out members of your community that are purchasing and taking it early on. This will celebrate the guest and hero them within your community and create a pedestal that others will want to be part of.

    City Unscripted article image

    Build out your profile to support

    Guests like to browse and have options. Ensure your profile is fully built out, up to date, visually appealing and all promotional opportunities (i.e. Highlight links) completed and live. Guests like to browse experiences so creating a set of more than 5 will help stand you in good stead to keep the guest within your experiences and have something that they want.

    Write guest articles or contribute to promotions

    As a registered Creator you will be invited to write guest articles that feature on the sites Travel Magazine, this magazine receives a lot of organic traffic and is a great source of inspiration for travelers across the world. Featuring your experiences here will bring new guests to your experience that are likely outside of your community.

    We will invite creators to be part of promotions and contribute articles, but you do not need to wait for us. Speak to your Creator manager and provide them with your articles and they will be added. We may also feature your work across our own social and promotion channels. 

    Speak to your Creator manager for more great ways to help your experience listing stand out.

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