Eat like a local in Osaka: street food experience

Oden, okonomiyaki, kushikatsu, takoyaki, tonpeiyaki and some other treats you've never heard of.

(22 reviews)

  • Private &

  • 3 hours

  • From
    $83.13  USD
    per person
    based on 8 adults

  • Walking

  • Multiple languages available
    (including English)

What you'll do

Sample a myriad of classics like okonomiyaki pancakes and takoyaki octopus balls, before trying local favorites like deep-fried kushikatsu and tonpeiyaki omelets. Your journey will be peppered with your guide’s all-time favorite street food stalls and izakaya, and along the way they’ll introduce you to hurimong, grilled tripe that’s so good, you won’t care what it is, and when you’re ready for the next level, you can bite the bullet and chow down on shirako, fish semen that locals enjoy with pure glee! Endo Sushi serves up warm sushi with a twist, bought fresh from the Central Wholesale Market next door, and you’ll discover that liquor stores often hide secret tapas joints - it all goes down real easy with craft sake and beer on tap!

Where you'll go

There’s a reason Osaka is known as the ‘Nation’s Kitchen’, but a more honest description is that it’s a ‘kuidaore city’, which means to ruin yourself by indulging in food! Sounds good, right? Our hosts live that philosophy and know the best and most unexpected places to get your street food fix in Namba, the wildly frenetic entertainment district and Dōtombori, its canalside neighbor, where even animatronic crabs and neon lights aren’t enough to distract you from the food! Osakan street food needs to abide by one rule, and one rule only: it has to be well-priced, and your host is an expert at sussing out the best. It won’t be long before you’re cheering “kanpai” with the locals in a standing tachinomiya bar!


  • Taste some of the most popular street foods in Osaka, at the exact spots recommended by your host for each specialty - they’ve got the eye!

  • Explore the Namba district and famous Dotonbori, discovering the heart of Osaka’s food scene

  • Learn about the origin and culture of many of the dishes you try, many of which were created and perfected here in Osaka

  • Discover new foods, ingredients, and flavors that you never knew existed - some of these wild dishes are even new to Osaka, so you could be trying the next big thing

  • Sip sake and cheers with the locals in a backstreet izakaya

This experience will be personalized to you!

What’s included

  • Private and personalised experience
  • 3 hours with a host
  • 6-8 foods to taste selected by your host, based on your tastes
  • 2 beers, teas or soft drinks
  • Walking experience (if required, your host can suggest public transport or private taxi options)
  • Hotel meet-up (available on request for central location)

What’s not included

  • Food and drinks other than the ones included in the experience
  • Tickets to any attractions
  • Transportation costs
  • Gratuities (optional)

Your hotel/apartment or any other central location

Cancel 14 days before the experience for a full refund

How does it work?

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    Tell us about you!

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  • 2 We match you with a host

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    Build your perfect experience together
  • 3 The best part!

    The best part!

    Experience the city like you would with a knowledgeable friend living there

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If you prefer to speak to someone, feel free to send us your WhatsApp or cell number and we’ll give you a call back.

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Reviews for this experience

Really great insight into nighttime Osaka

Brice is a very personable young man with a lot of knowledge about Osaka nightlife as he has lived there for some years. He tailored the tour based on our feedback before the tour and was very flexible during the tour to meet our interests. Brice speaks Japanese which is a bonus. He showed us very local bars and we ate local food. We moved around venues as the locals do and we couldn’t have had such a local experience without someone like Brice. A top night and would highly recommend Brice.

October 2019

Reviewed by Louise F , hosted by Brice

Excellent, well worth visiting

Brice was a great host, turned up on time, did exactly what he said he would, was funny, and very knowledgeable... exactly what we wanted out of a host. Strongly recommend Brice if you are booking a tour....

October 2019

Reviewed by Nick W , hosted by Brice

Food tour in Osaka

Brice was awesome. We enjoyed our tour as he introduced us to new area & new foods. Brice was very friendly & knowledgable about the area. I would recommend this tour with Brice to everyone.

October 2019

Reviewed by Heather B , hosted by Brice

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