A night in Osaka with a local

Karaoke, izakaya hopping and 5am ramen.

  • Private &

  • 4 hours

  • From
    $59.13  USD
    per person
    based on 8 adults

  • Walking

  • Multiple languages available
    (including English)

What you'll do

For a truly authentic Osakan experience, you could kick things off with a butt-naked scrub down at a traditional sento, where locals freshen up before some well-deserved hashigo zake, or bar hopping, as we know it. Your local insider has the scoop on hideouts like Hozenji Yokocho and the maze of bars in Tenma, and will make up for any language barriers. The local patrons of Osaka’s izakaya will happily talk to you all night - even if you don’t speak Japanese! Your host will effortlessly order plates of dishes like kushikatsu as you pour sake for one another, then feed your sake-induced insomnia with gyoza pork dumplings and some karaoke, or end your experience slurping ramen on the way home - just like a true local!

Where you’ll go

Osaka’s reputation as Japan’s friendliest, and least conservative city, rings even truer at night - it won’t be long before you’re cheering ‘kanpai’ over sake with noisy locals in a jam-packed izakaya bar! You could explore Dōtonbori and neighboring Ura Namba, the heart of Osaka’s entertainment district where giant, animatronic signs are nothing out of the ordinary. But even here amongst the kaleidoscope of neon lights, street food joints and karaoke bars, there are surprises like Hozenji Yokocho, a narrow alleyway of tiny taverns and tachinomiya standing bars. Or perhaps head for Tenma in northern Osaka, a docile neighborhood by day that comes alive at night when the lanterns of dozens of izakaya illuminate its labyrinth of narrow lanes.

  • Hit the town with a host and discover how locals have fun after hours.

  • Indulge in the Osakan pastime of hashigo zake, or bar hopping, with your host leading the way.

  • Unleash your inner pop star at a karaoke bar, with a private booth to keep the haters at bay.

  • Enjoy plenty of fuel in the form of tasty street food, the perfect match for craft beer and sake.

  • Get tips from your host on the hottest nightlife spots in the city, setting you up for the rest of your stay.

This experience will be personalized to you!

What’s included

  • Private and personalized itinerary
  • 4 hours in the city with a host
  • Walking experience ( if required, your host can suggest public transport or private taxi options )
  • Authentic local knowledge and insights
  • 2 drinks of your choice
  • Hotel meet-up ( available on request for central location )

What’s not included

  • Food and drink
  • Tickets to any attractions
  • Transportation costs
  • Gratuities (optional)

Your hotel/apartment or any other central location

Cancel 14 days before the experience for a full refund

How does it work?

  • 1 Tell us about you!

    Tell us about you!

    Once you book, fill in a quick questionnaire and tell us what you’d like from your experience.
  • 2 We match you with a host

    We introduce you to your perfect local

    Build your perfect experience together
  • 3 The best part!

    The best part!

    Experience the city like you would with a knowledgeable friend living there

If you’re unsure about what experience to book or would like more information on how it all works, just email me here. I or someone from our Customer Experience Team will get in touch so we can suggest the perfect personalized experience for you.

If you prefer to speak to someone, feel free to send us your WhatsApp or cell number and we’ll give you a call back.

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Reviews for this experience

Great experience

We thoroughly enjoyed our Osaka Food and drink night tour with Taka and he was a very charming host and showed us exactly what we were looking forward to see. We would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to have a great time in Osaka and discover the real Osaka.

October 2019

Reviewed by Dana D , hosted by Taka

Loved it!!!

My husband and I had so much fun with Haruhi!! We luckily got paired with someone our same age so we were able to connect really well. She took us to all the places we requested and was able to give us some cultural insight on the area. We loved her!!

September 2019

Reviewed by Ashley B , hosted by Haruhi

Awesome evening, great vibes and really cool host!

Me and my friend spent the night around Dotonbori for a nightlife experience and was not disappointed one bit! We were greeted homely by Haruhi who was very bubbly and full of life - she guided us around the city and introduced us to traditional Japanese cuisine such as konamon and yakisoba in the local restaurants which was very delicious. After a fun conversation and taking pictures during and after the meal we went for a walk around the city, visiting different shrines, learning of different parts of the area and taking more pictures! Furthermore, we then went to go for karaoke and the drinks were all inclusive so we had a lot of soda floats, soft drinks and water whilst singing our lungs out to numerous artist and songs such as Eminem, Michael Jackson, ne-yo and Ariana grande etc it was such a fun evening and haruhi could sing! She had an amazing voice and recorded some awesome moments. I would like to thank Haruhi for making this nightlife experience the best and I would recommend anyone to have her as a host or they will be missing out on a Nakama (friend) for life!

August 2019

Reviewed by Rashaad A , hosted by Haruhi

Great Night Tour of Osaka with Brice

We spent 10 days in Japan covering Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto and Osaka. We had many amazing nights in this wonderful country. Of all those nights, our favorite was the night we toured Osaka with Brice. Brice helped us connect to this amazing, energetic city. He gave us some history, brought us to unique food places, ordered us interesting cuisine and drink and showed us places we never would have found on our own. Brice's Japanese is great. He gets along with everyone. In addition, he was very easy for us to connect with. We normally don't write reviews. Brice deserves one. So, when you headed to Osaka you should 100% hire him. Have him take you places you wouldn't find. Have him order you food. Have him tell you about the city he loves. It will make a difference on your trip as it did on ours. Brice will customize the tour and make it whatever you want it to be. For us, we wanted to eat, drink and meet people. We did all of that, even trying chicken liver! It's way tastier than I thought it would be. Whatever you want to call this...a review, a recommendation, an endorsement...Brice has our full endorsement. We have no doubt he will earn yours as well. Cheers and happy travels!

October 2018

Reviewed by Rob & Amy H , hosted by Brice


We had a great time with Brice. He has knowledge of the local scene including dining,nightlife,history etc. We learnt a lot about the Osakan people and how different they are compared to others. Thanks again very committed and caring.

October 2018

Reviewed by Rob G , hosted by Brice

Reviews for Osaka

Osaka Highlights

We had a great visit with Brice in Osaka...he was a wonderful tour guide through the city. He was very knowledgeable about the city...it’s history..and it’s culture. We wanted to see some tourist sites and some just normal neighborhoods and we got just that. We had a wonderful day!

Reviewed by Sean H, hosted by Brice

Back alley local food tour

Akira was a perfect host and guide. We started local and we went really deep - seeing the side of Japan I have never seen in 12 years of visits! All the food places we went to were fantastic. Truly local and truly delicious. If you want to see and eat off the beaten path you should contact Akira.

Reviewed by Daniel B, hosted by Akira

Amazing Osaka

We met our guide Jenny and it was very easy and comfortable from the start. She showed us where certain shops were that suited our daughters quirky tastes. She showed us around the city, where to eat, shop and relax. It was a fun walking tour.

Reviewed by Jeanette S, hosted by Jenny

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